45. Confessions (Part 2)

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Vienna then watched as Tristan turned around and he walked away towards the end of the corridor as she was still standing at top of the stairs. She felt nervous. She felt the urge to run. But she knew she had to do something. She had to put aside the risks and talk to Tristan right now when it mattered. Break time was too short and maybe she couldn't find him then. Also after school, it could be too late.

Vienna took a step towards the red line and hesitated. She thought of his words. She thought of his possessive look that he gave her making her shake to the core. He confessed to her how much she meant to him. It made her more afraid of him. It was scary how much he cared for her.... and it was scary how much she didn't mind. When she looked at him she just saw perfection, elegance and handsomness. He was a strong character. He had authority and he had an air of power around him that he achieved effortlessly. He was honourable but he had a darkness inside him. She knew that. She had witnessed what he did and had heard accounts of his actions to know who she was dealing with. It made her feel petrified but she had to put that aside.

Vienna watched Tristan reach the door of the high class common room. He turned around "Vienna. You should go..."

Vienna pleaded "Wait. We need to talk... What would you do to Edward after school?"

Tristan frowned "What would happen to him? What do you think? I would condemn him to what ever punishment it takes for him to make him learn his lesson that he should not touch you.... I wont change my mind about Edward." Tristan's eyes hardened "As I said, I would make it much worse for him. He shouldn't have run. I don't like chasing people."" He then went inside.

Vienna was bothered by what she heard. She hadn't done anything wrong and neither had Edward. She narrowed her eyes. Enough was enough. Now that he was gone from sight, she felt the urge to chase him. She heard her father's voice in her mind. His words from last night when he had kissed her good night came to her "Don't be afraid of anything... You are a Rosario." She took a deep breath and decided to confront Tristan. She walked past the red line towards the direction of where Tristan was going. She had to take risks. Her fate was to be the same as others who Tristan tormented when they trespassed. She had to do this for Edward and for herself. She had to tell him what she thought. It couldn't get any worse. She didn't talk to him openly when she was in that classroom alone with him because she was afraid of the consequences. But now Tristan had vowed to make it much worse for Edward. She had relied on Viggo to do something but he was busy in a meeting and she now was doubting how much he could help even with Vincenzo's help that was unlikely. So what could make it worse for Edward. She had noting to lose.

Vienna heard a voice from behind her as she was walking. It was Stefano's, his uncle Costanzo's son "Vienna, why are you here... You have to go." Vienna smiled. He was so caring and sounded worried. She turned around as she kept walking "I will be fine. I came here for a reason."

Stefano reached her and walked beside her " Whatever reason has brought you here, can't be good enough. Please leave. The elevator is just there... Just jump in it before Tristan sees you... please."

Vienna sighed "I have to do this Stefano. I just have to talk to Tristan. There is no other better time to speak to Tristan... I have to do this now."

Vienna arrived at the high class common room and opened the door and saw the boys were scattered around the room. Some were playing darts and some were playing chess. But they all froze and looked up in silence as they saw her. It wasn't hard to find Tristan since all boys immediately looked in direction of their captain who was in the corner sitting at the massive lunch table reading a magazine.

As the whole room fell silent, Tristan noticed and looked around and was surprised to find Vienna at the door. He stated "Can I help you Vienna?"

The boys were looking between Vienna and Tristan with their mouths open. Alexander was looking at Vienna as though he had seen a ghost and Stefano was also silently watching as he slipped inside.

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