76. A Couple At Last

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Adele was deep in thought sitting in the party room waiting for Francesco to finish his meeting. She felt torn. On one hand she wanted to protest to Francesco to not allow Tristan near their daughter. But on the other hand she couldn't possibly deny that her daughter liked Tristan. It was impossible to deny. That was why Francesco hadn't rejected Tristan. Vienna wouldn't have wanted him to be rejected and to Francesco he was worthy to date their daughter.

Adele looked at her watch. It was time to go. She saw no sign of Francesco coming back from his meeting but she saw her daughter coming back down the stairs as Tristan was walking behind her with his stony face. His eyes were hardened and he was looking around the room as though looking to find anyone who dared be of any threat to Vienna.

As Vienna approached her mother, Tristan walked behind her.

Adele really needed a drink. She picked up her apple juice glass and took a sip as her daughter approached her alongside Tristan.

Vienna smiled at her mother and sat down behind the table next to her mother " Mum... You look tired..."

Tristan politely came close towering behind Vienna " Hello Mrs Rosario."

Adele gave him a forced smile. At least he wasn't holding her daughter's hand in front of her. He was wise to behave himself. She asked " How are you Tristan? Take a seat please."

Tristan took his seat and sat down with a polite smile " Thank you Mrs Rosario."

Adele spoke with almost accusing tone "I see you have asked my daughter to your first date.... My husband told me you asked for permission to take her to the roof... May I ask what you were upto?"

Tristan smiled " Mrs Rosario. I wish I could take her to the moon but the roof had to suffice. We only watched the stars using a telescope..."

Adele admired how charming and sincere the young man was. She wanted to find one flaw in him and she couldn't put her finger on it. It was with the exception of one issue. He was a future crime lord just like Vincenzo and it bothered her. Adele asked " Young man... Where are you asking to take my daughter next?"

Tristan stated " Ice skating..."

Adele raised an eyebrow " In the middle of summer?"

Tristan nodded " Yes. My father owns an ice skating rink close to our compound."

Adele couldn't believe the coincidence. Francesco also took her to an ice rink once when they were dating. She sighed " And what are your plans for future?"

Vienna who had been nervously listening to her mother questioning Tristan, gulped and looked at Tristan. She knew this was a key question. Her mother had a problem with him being a criminal.

Tristan looked at Vienna and gave her a reassuring smile. He then looked into Adele's eyes and responded with promise behind each word " My plans for future are ... ensuring that I spend all my years of training, experience of being mentored by my father and all the power I have on making sure Vienna is safe. I would make sure she has no threats to her happiness and I would not show mercy to anyone who dares to think of hurting her. My plan is to be strong enough to protect Vienna and to make sure she is comfortable and has everything she needs in her life. Everything I do in my life is for her. My life belongs to her. I would do anything to make her happy..."

Adele spoke before being able to stop herself " What if her happiness meant that you had to leave her? What if her safety depended on you leaving her forever and give her up?"

Vienna gasped and turned to her mother with disbelief. She was touched by how sincere Tristan had spoken but was outraged at how her mother was not giving Tristan a chance. He had hardly taken her on one date and he had not once tried to pressure her to get close to him or kiss him. He was as honourable, gentle and respectful as always. Vienna may have been inexperienced with boys but she understood what it meant when a boy didn't pressure a girl. She asked " Mother... I don't think it's necessary to ask him this..."

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