84. Heirs Dreams

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It was after dinner and the guests were sitting in the marquee around tables having their tea and desert. Niall was sitting in a far corner of the marquee with Cain drinking soda and watching the girls table thinking of the girl that had captured his imagination. She was his type. He knew that and believed that but he didnt think she did.

Cain brought him out of his thoughts "Do you want to play cards?"

Niall chuckled " Come on man.. you havent said one word all the time I have been sitting here... Do you really think I want to play cards with you?"

Cain retorted "Its your own fault.. You ask questions I cant answer..."

Niall spoke " Sure... You cant hide your identity forever..."

Cain spoke "It wont be a secret for long... My father would come pick me up and when he does I would tell you who I am..."

Niall spoke "When is he coming?"

Cain spoke "I dont know... Do you want to play cards or what?"

Niall spoke "No.. In Australia we talk to people that we just meet... Tell me more about you... Never mind actually... Tell me about your cousin.."

A voice came from behind him " Back off ... Dont mess with Cristina... How many time do I have to warn you?"

Niall sighed and turned. He saw the other boys coming to the table with plates stuffed with desert. Vincenzo was ahead of them.

Niall asked "Why does my question offend you?"

The other boys were now sitting around the table.

Vincenzo put down his plate of desert on the table and sat down. He picked up a soda and popped it open as he carried on "What is your business with Cristina? Pick someone else to investigate Aussie..."

Niall laughed "What is your business with her? You have a girlfriend. Don't you? Letizia is either your girl or she isn't... Which is it? You can't have it both ways..."

Vincenzo retorted " You don't know what you are talking about Aussie... so don't go there... Or I might show you some American hostility instead of this hospitality I am generously displayig. I am not meant to fight tonight...."

Niall spoke sarcastically " This is your hospitable side!"

Vincenzo nodded " Sure."

Niall sighed " May I make you a suggestion? Choose one girl only... It doesn't end well to protect two girls when neither of them are related to you by blood. It doesn't look good. Either drop Cristina's case or Just break up with Letizia and ask Cristina out...That would make more sense... Why else would you react like this when I asked Cain a simple question? You must fancy Cristina... There must be something going on here that Letizia needs to know..."

Vincenzo spoke with his passive tone " Maybe or maybe not... What if there is something going on? What if there is something that I would like tell Letizia when the time comes that she needs to know... But maybe you have got this all wrong.... I dont even know why I dignify your questions with responses.... You are at my father's home so I choose to respond nicely i gues... Italian hospitality... Is there anything else Aussie you would like to bring up?"

Niall spoke " You call this an answer?" He then turned to the other boys " Was that a proper answer?"

Vincenzo retorted " It is the only one you will get..."

Sebastiano suggested " Drop the case.... Why don't you make it more interesting? Like how you do always... You never refuse a dare ... So ... Why dont you go over to the girls' table and tell them what you outrageously suggested to Vincenzo but tell it to Letizia's face.. I dare you... Go over to the table and tell her you asked Vincenzo to dump her for Cristina..."

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