93. A Confrontation

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Vincenzo was pacing the floor in his office as he was holding an almost crumpled piece of paper in his hand. He was glancing at the paper from time to time and was cursing Tristan under his breath. Letizia's verdict was too harsh in his view and he was fuming at Tristan. Vincenzo in his mind was thinking about in how many ways he was going to take revenge against Tristan.

There was no way that Vincenzo was going to back down until Tristan changed the sanctions.  There was no way around it. But, there were complications on Vincenzo's way that he needed to work around. Unfortunately his sister happened to be Tristan's girl and in his fit of outrage Vincenzo had threatened to come for Tristan in front of his sister. Now she knew what was going to happen. Vincenzo didn't think it was right for Vienna to be kept in the dark about any actions he was going to take against Tristan from that day onwards. Vincenzo believed that Vienna needed to be warned. He wanted to go after Tristan with immediate effect without delay. He needed to demand an answer that day and if he was going to refuse to compromise it was going to be war time. But his sister was in the picture and he had to protect her. The thought of her made him slow down with his plans. At that moment Vincenzo felt the urge to want to go to her and check on her before he demanded a final answer from Tristan. A lot was going to change depending on how difficult Tristan was going to be and Vienna deserved to know everything.... Therefore, Vincenzo started walking towards the door but then he stopped as he heard heavy footsteps and the door flew open.

There he was Tristan at the door of Vincenzo's office. He walked in and closed the door soundly as he turned to Vincenzo and pointed a finger at him as he slowly took steps towards him " Have you got any idea what you just did back there? How dare you waltz in my office and threaten me right in front of Vienna's eyes...? You think I take this lightly that you threaten me in front of my girl and worry her? Do you know how badly I want to accept your challenge and make you bring it all on. Do you? My self restraint has a limit and if I ever lose it over your treatment of your sister, I will hold you responsible. What kind of brother are you to her? You call yourself her blood?... I would never treat Clarissa like how you treat Vienna. Don't you think Vienna has feelings? Don't you ever stop thinking about that rule breaking Marciano who thinks about no one but herself? Don't you ever think about your sister instead of obsessing over an egoistic selfish girl who needs to be taught a lesson? All you care for is that Marciano girl right now. A lesson for her is overdue and you dare upset Vienna over her..... Everything has become about Letizia in your mind.... What about your sister?"

Vincenzo put his hand up " Hold up there... Enough with the accusations... I let you go on and on but for your information I was just about to come to your office and speak to Vienna.... I was going to check on her... "

Tristan was now standing in front of Vincenzo fuming " So I saved you a trip then... Don't bother... You are her blood as she calls you... But you treat her so badly.... What is possessing you to push your sister to breaking point just for the sake of your girlfriend who you hardly know for a week or two? When are you going to wake up and see you forgot all about your sister and focused too much on a girl who isn't worth your sympathy?..."

Vincenzo frowned " Where are you going with this? ... I do what I see fit. I have my sisters best interests at heart... I am not pushing her to breaking point... You are mistaken... My sister is not weak... She is a Rosario... She is capable of handling the truth... If she is not happy, she says she is not happy. She is more vocal than you think... Vienna can come talk to me if she is not happy..."

Tristan retorted " And you are responsive I bet to anything she asks..."

Vincenzo nodded and replied sharply " Of course... What are you accusing me of exactly here? My sister can't be sheltered from the truth. If I come after you, she needs to know... I won't make it too public for her sake ... I was going to come to check on her... I take my duties as a brother seriously and won't let her get hurt... "

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