73. The Interrogation

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Vienna followed Tristan slowly and found herself in the billiard room. Tristan quickly grabbed the balls ans set them up. He picked up two billiard sticks and handed one to her " Here you go... Ladies first. Do you know the rules."

Vienna smiled shyly and took the billiard stick " I know abit. I try..." she then took her position next to the billiard table and took aim.

Tristan wanted to pinch himself to check if he was dreaming. Here she was bending over the billiard table in her small figure. He watched her with admiration. She just effortlessly carried herself with so much dignity and elegance.

Vienna pulled the billiard stick backwards and hit the ball. She then walked around the table to take aim again.

Tristan couldn't get enough of watching her. She was so beautiful and as she walked around the room it looked like she floated around. But she didn't know how to play billiard.

Tristan offered " You take the next shot too.... would you mind if I teach you how to hit a ball?"

Vienna shrugged " Teach me...."

Something about that simple short sentence turned him on. Vienna made his heart jump in excitement even by those two words. He didn't even know why. She just gave him permission to get closer.

Tristan smiled and walked to Vienna. He stood behind her and whispered " May I?" He then gently touched her hands and positioned them differently on the billiard stick.

Vienna trembled at his touch. He was so gentle. Such a muscular brick wall was capable of having such delicate soft touch.

Tristan whispered " Lean closer and relax. Bend forward slightly... now stop." He then gently pulled the billiard stick backwards as he had his hands over hers on the stick.

Vienna felt breathless. She was conscious of his closeness. He was right behind her and they were inches apart. His warm touch somehow was calming as well as unsettling as she was feeling nervous.

As the billiard stick hit the ball, Vienna gasped as she scored.

Tristan let go along her and stepped away " See. It's not that hard. Try by yourself and remember the posture I taught you."

As Tristan stepped away Vienna missed his touch. She felt like he was like a wall to lean on. He was one to count on. She tried hitting the next ball. It it didn't work.

It was Tristan's turn. He took aim and scored consecutively.

Vienna gasped as he hit so many halls that he reached the point where the black ball and the white ball were left.

Vienna was watching intently " You are so good at this..."

As Tristan took position to score he looked at her " I don't have a choice... I have to be...."

She couldn't explain why but she looked at him in different light at that moment. Something felt heavy in his words. Vienna was aware of the weight of responsibility and pressure on his shoulders. He was a first born heir. He had to be the best in everything that he could be. He wasn't allowed to display weakness. He didn't have the luxury. So he never showed any signs of being under the pressure.

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