12. Early Encounters

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Adele woke up to her alarm clock. She turned it off and tried to get up. But a pair of arms pulled her back. Her back hit his hard chest making her shiver in delight. His touch had a calming effect. Always.

Francesco whispered in her ear " Stay in bed."

Adele sighed " Kids have exams today. I want to prepare scrambled eggs and hot milk for them. I have to get up. Let go."

Francesco spoke " I took this morning off and didn't go train the kids. You take this morning off too."

Adele spoke " Please let me get up." She was desperate. She knew if Francesco wanted to, he was going to keep her in bed. He had done it before.

Francesco let go of her and complained " I don't like it how you spoil these kids. Let them get breakfast from downstairs or even better yet let them make their own breakfast."

Adele got up and then turned around as she stood up " I like making breakfast. I like saying goodbye to them before they go to school every morning. I just do."

Francesco spoke " Well, I don't like it that you do that all the time ....."

Then he saw Adele's frown "Its not just about making breakfast. Its about seeing them more before they go to school. I also like to wish them good luck for their exams."

Francesco sighed " Tell them goodbye when they walk out the front door at the window. But do you have to make them breakfast? They can either get it from the chefs downstairs or make their own. I am certain I have taught my sons how to cook. The question is, have you taught Vienna?"

Adele frowned "Of course. She knows how to cook. She helps me when she can. If I don't go out there, they will get on with making breakfast without me."

Francesco smiled as he sat up and without warning lifted Adele up and brought her down to the bed. Swiftly he pinned her down to the bed and climbed on top of her.

Adele sighed "Francesco..."

Francesco chuckled as he started kissing her neck and jaw line "Hm, I am sorry sweetheart. I cant let you leave this bed. The kids will be fine without you out there. Let it go."

Adele bit her lip and spoke "Francesco.... We should stop."

Francesco moved his lips to her collar bone and showered her with kisses "No... Today is your day off."

Adele spoke "Francesco. We can do this after they leave."

Francesco sighed and he pulled away slightly sounding abit frustrated "Fine. To be honest, I may also like to say goodbye to them in the morning too. I like seeing the back of them every morning so I get to have you until you have to leave for work. I like it when we make out in the living room and the kitchen. So I agree sweetheart. It's a great moment to see them leave. Then after they go today, we will make out in every single room." He said the last part in a husky tone making Adele blush.

Adele nodded "Your words are so outrageous. But ....Deal."

Francesco got off Adele and ordered "Go, before I change my mind. You have three minutes to get changed and then I am getting you back into this bed again and we will make out again."

Adele was shaking her head on disapproval. "You are so outrageous but I love you."

Francesco kissed the side of her head as she left and whispered "I love you too. Two minutes and a half."

Adele sighed in frustration as she saw Francesco laying back down on the bed and looking at his watch with a smirk. She got up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe and contemplated what to think as she looked through her clothes.

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