18. Teenage Challenges

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Viggo was doing push ups in the corner of the gym as he was counting loudly. His brother had given him instructions about him doing a number of sit ups followed by push ups before he was allowed to join the others who were doing their warming up as a team before going outside gym to play. Others did who were sanctioned by Vincenzo had no where near his number sit ups and push ups. Even Joshua and Nick had finished by now and were back to warming up with the team but he wasn't. He didn't mind the push ups but he minded Tristan coming to him and trying to taunt him like he always did. They just didn't get a long. Viggo often clashed with Tristan. The recent events had not helped their issues and the tension was still as high as always. Tristan did not like his peaceful approach and Viggo had to defend himself when challenged. Viggo normally kept out of Tristan's way but sometimes he also challenged Tristan on how he treated certain people.

Viggo felt a kick under his knee suddenly tripping him making him fall to the ground. Tristan's voice came " You missed a count . Start again."

Viggo didn't say anything and carried on. It was the third time Tristan had done this as he had taunted him each time. Tristan kept adding to Viggo's push ups. Of course Viggo could not challenge him. Even on that day, as vice captain Tristan had authority. Viggo could earn himself days and weeks of extra laps if he openly challenged the captain or the vice captain with regards to training.

The next time Viggo heard Tristan's foot steps coming towards him while doing push ups, Vincenzo called from a distance " Tristan. We are going outside now to play. Warm up is finished... And you Viggo, get up I allow you to join back. You have done enough."

Viggo slowly stood up and looked at the vengeful look Tristan was giving him " Saved by your brother. You know if you were anyone else, I would have treated you much differently."

Viggo spoke " Why don't you then? Go ahead." He then took a challenging step towards Tristan " I let you throw the first punch for free."

Tristan stated " You want me to throw a punch? How inviting? .... but there are other ways to kick some sense into you."

Viggo spoke "You are annoyed I crashed the party by pressing the alarm. Right? Give it up. You know, my sister is not really your type so maybe you should not keep your hopes up."

Tristan spoke " You know you are walking on thin ice Viggo." He took a step closer to him as he towered over him and warned " I am most bothered with how you introduced her to Edward... Let me warn you now... You will not try to play match maker again or I will teach you a lesson you will not forget. The only reason I am not challenging you to a fight right now is because of your sister."

Viggo spoke in a serious tone " I never tried to set her up. My father would skin me alive if I did. She makes her own choices. I am not allowed to suggest boys to her."

Tristan raised an eyebrow " Of course and pushing Edward to her was not of such forbidden gesture. What kind of protective brother are you?"

Viggo spoke " I am a type of brother who doesn't give into blackmail. Do your worst Tristan. I am ready for you. I protect my sister how I see fit. Bring it on. Your words mean nothing to me. But Vienna's does."

Tristan narrowed his eyes and spoke " You think you know who you are dealing with? But you are clueless.

Vincenzo complained " Hurry up."

Tristan and Viggo gave each other a hard look and walked away towards the exit as Vincenzo was keeping the door open " We have some work to do."

Tristan, Vincenzo followed by Viggo walked outside. They walked past the shared set of a dozen basketball courts next to each other where they trained adjacent to girl's teams. The three boys saw in surprise how the girls basketball team were already playing basketball after their warm up in the girls' gym but their numbers had doubled. The cheer leaders and the basketball team were playing together shooting hoops.

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