55. Loving Her His Way

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Tristan was hoping for a response from Vienna. He stared into her eyes as he was close enough to feel her breath on his face. Her breath was brushing against his lips as he had leaned closer to her. He felt her fury and he knew he deserved it. He was going too far with her. But he didn't like being ignored. He didn't stand for it from anyone. This was as patient as he could get. If anyone else walked away from him when he was planning to offer them peace and buy them a drink he would have destroyed them. But his girl was different. He was more annoyed with himself not getting any answers out of her. She was avoiding him and he needed answers.

Tristan was losing patience "So what was it Vienna that made you want to slap me? Was it because I called you mine?"

Vienna felt more offended. She told herself "You acted like an arrogant jerk. I wasn't upset you called me yours... I was hurt by your accusation. How dare you accuse me of being close to scorpious? I don't like anyone and I made it clear. Now you have the nerve to handcuff me." But Of course she didn't dare say it out loud. She was instead staring at him silently thinking about who she was up against.

Vienna was staring into his eyes as he had leaned close to her. She just looked at him silently and thoughtfully as memories of the past rushed into her mind. She reminded herself who Tristan O'Neil was. She reminded herself how much those around her feared him. She remembered how much her mother was wary of Tristan. She reminded herself of all she had witnessed from him. According to many people, Tristan cleaned up his act when he was around her. It was unimaginable that he was even more brutal than what she had witnessed of him so far in her life.

But Vienna did remember the time she had seen his most cruel side for the first time without him noticing. The occasion she had a glimpse of what he was capable of for the very first time stayed with her like it was yesterday even though it three years ago. Tristan didn't know she was watching him as she was hidden. She had ended up behind a desk as she had sat down to pick up what she had spilt on the floor. It had happened inside a classroom at lunch time. Tristan, Vincenzo and their usual group of boys had walked in dragging they would be victim there to put on trial... It was agonising hearing them put someone on trial and then luckily they left. She was so scared to come out.

That day Tristan was the judge. Maybe that experience had made her even more wary of Tristan than usual. When he had said "I will be the judge of that" referring to Edward Blake, it immediately conjured that memory into her mind. That was from three years ago when she had just started secondary school. She was eleven and Tristan was twelve. Alot had changed now. Tristan was now more brutal. She did get an insight eventually into what he had become but she tried to shake off the images of him others did describe when they didn't realise she was listening. Someone like Vanessa did not mind telling her about what Tristan was like but she did not tell her enough because Tristan had warned off everyone that she was a Rosario and off limits to even getting to hear about anything that upset her. Now everyone knew this was not just any usual protectiveness. He loved her. She loved him back but she was more reserved and did not display her feelings and neither was she keen to act on her feelings.... It was too soon and too fast. She needed to get to know him. The thought of what she was learning by being close to him made her blood boil. He had shown a side to her that she was not fond of. He was jealous and when he was, it was hard to talk to him.

Vienna was staring at Tristan silently analysing the situation, wondering what had just happened? Vienna couldn't understand how he could think it was acceptable to over react like this. They just had a mini argument and she hadn't been ready to talk to him about it because she didn't want to argue in front of an audience. He had threatened her brother in front of her and he had pushed on to get her alone to continue the talk on his own terms. He had arranged for them to be alone so they could talk it out. He had the nerve to handcuff her and demand answers. But how could he think it was alright to dictate to her to speak to him when he wished it. She was mad at him for accusing her of being unfaithful also. It really hurt to hear him suggest that there was something going on between her and Scorpious. Now he was sitting on a table in front of her leaning too close and staring at her waiting for answers while she was handcuffed to her chair.... He didn't seem patient at all.

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