60. Power Of Authority

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Letizia was feeling frustrated but she was much calmer as she followed Tristan leading her back to the main site. All members were in a circle reciting the principles of the survival lessons out loud as Vincenzo was shouting at them instructing them as he was standing in the middle of the circle. As she reached the circle and took her place, Tristan walked to Vincenzo

Letizia suddenly found Vincenzo walking towards her as Tristan whispered in his ear. Tristan then took over instructing everyone and briefing them about the overall achievements of the day.

Vincenzo walked to her standing in front of her " Private Marciano, follow me to my office in the right wing. I need a word with you."

Letizia sighed and followed him as he lead the way. He opened the door to his office and stated " After you Private Marciano." Letizia entered and stood stiffly in front of his desk waiting for him to address her.

She felt his wrath as he shouted at her " Have you lost your mind? What possessed you to run off like that? Do you have any idea how dangerous is out there. You could slip off a cliff and no one could find you." He was now standing in front of her looking at her with furious eyes but she was looking away. She slowly glanced up at him " What does it matter? Isn't it the whole point of this nonsense? To torment us? I am tired of this game..."

Vincenzo stated " Watch what you say. I am your superior in this camp. You have had a whole day to get used to it. I won't go easy on you if you keep defying me. This is no game. This is reality. Learn that this is serious. You must take this lesson seriously..."

Letizia sighed " Why?"

Vincenzo was getting impatient but when he heard her genuine tone he realised she still didn't get the point of all this. " Are you telling me you don't know why we do this lesson?"

Letizia shrugged " No. it's pointless. What's the point of this army exercise? We are not joining the army."

Vincenzo shook his head as he put his hands behind his back looking at her with a hard stare " I think you are mistaken. What we are preparing for is for something beyond the army. We are preparing for life. If you join the army, you serve a couple of years and leave the profession for another. But we don't get to join a crime life. We live it till death..."

Letizia questioned " It still doesn't explain how it benefits anyone to practice being on this military lesson... Why do we get to be privates, corporals and Sergeants? Why can't this be like a normal school lesson?"

Vincenzo stated " I am shocked you don't see the aims at all... answer this ... Does your father act the same way on the dinner table that he does in his business meetings? So you address your father and his associates at the dinner table in the same way that you do in his meetings?"

Letizia shrugged " I don't go to his meetings... He doesn't want me to... I am to be a lawyer or economist..."

Vincenzo sighed " But you see him around the house. Don't you? You see how he addresses his men that work for him. Does he act with them the way he acts with you at the dinner table?"

Letizia stated " No of course not."

Vincenzo stated " Exactly.... I think it's good you do this course before you go to his meetings. We have to have two personalities. One business personality and one reserved for personal life. You have to distinguish between the two. If you can't respond well to rules here when there is a hierarchy how will you know how to deal with for instance meeting Arturo Agostini when he holds a meeting with your father. He is a close ally of your father but he is authoritative. You must show him respect. If you are told to respect someone you must do it. But if you invite Arturo Agostini for dinner to your home then you don't have to be formal. There are two sides to all of us. You must learn to respect authority whether it's temporary or permanent. No one is above the rules in any household in our world. I maybe a Sergeant here in school but at my home I wouldn't dare defy my father in his business hours. I would work my way to take over from him one day but in my household he rules. I don't act as defiant as you do here at this camp even at our dinner table at home and when I do, I know full well I will be paying for it. If you see your father networking with his associates and men that work for him you won't underestimate the power of authority. Don't defy those who rule and don't break their rules unless you are willing to pay for it. Any questions?"

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