111. Milan Calling

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Days Later

Andreas was walking with Julietta from their locker to the direction of the exit of the school. It was time to go home. It was a Friday afternoon and Andreas was meant to greet the American guests so he wasn't going to stay for any extra credit activities.

Julietta clutched her folder tightly to her chest while walking alongside Andreas " Why do you look so annoyed.? Cheer up Andreas. Your father lifted your punishment a few weeks and you are no longer grounded... Have you earned yourself another punishment already?.... Besides, your sister is recovering slowly... Arent these reasons good enough to make you happy this Friday night?"

Andreas gave her a weak smile " I know... I am not grounded any more and Amethyst is recovering but I am not ecstatic either. American allies and relatives are coming tonight. It's a surprise visit... It can make things messy."

Julietta asked " Messy? In what way?"

Andreas smiled " This weekend I am meant to be where they are... I am meant to show them around Milan meaning I have to bring them to the show we are going to see... They may pull some stunts..."

Julietta smiled back " You are so sweet to be concerned about me... You are my bodyguard and my boyfriend tomorrow. I have nothing to worry about... Besides I have met your American allies before. They do have manners."

Andreas replied " Only if they have to have manners, they show respect. I will watch them closely." Andreas them kissed Julietta's forehead and they said goodbye. He then made his way to his father's guards waiting in black cars in the car park who picked him up after school every day. He kept glancing back at Julietta as she was walking to the Luciano guards next to their black cars. He needed to greet the guests that afternoon and he had to be polite. How could he be civil to them? The last time they had met, it hadn't been the best meeting. He had almost shot some of the kids. Those American kids were so unpredictable and he had a feeling when they met Juliette as his girlfriend, they were going to act up. Previous year meetings were different. Jullieta wasn't his girl. But now she had finally become ready enough to go out with him. If they offended her, he was going to make them pay up. But again he was the host. He had to be respectful. His cousins were troublesome.

When Andreas reached home, the guests hadn't arrived but he was happy to see, Amethyst sitting on the porch drinking her favourite drink, lemonade that was made from the lemon trees in their yard. She looked much better now and was allowed to walk around more freely. Andreas believed when his parents had started to talk to each other more and had ended their one month long feud, it had improved amethyst's health. She was much happier and smiling now. Andreas got off the car and climbed the porch and jumped over it landing in front of amethyst making her laugh. 

Andreas smiled " Hi there. Are you well?"

Amethyst smiled and nodded " I never been better. I am feeling good. But I am bored. I want to come to school but dad says no."

Andreas poured himself some lemonade in an empty glass on the table and drank it in one go.

Amethyst sighed " What have you done to make you so thirsty?"

Andreas put the glass down " I ran track today in the last lesson."

Just then their mother, Anna walked on the porch " Why aren't you ready Andreas? Our guests are coming soon. You can't greet them in your school uniform."

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