16. Chaotic Mess

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It was speech class and students were sitting in groups to finish their speeches on a topic of their choice.

The teacher announced, "Now you have fifteen minutes left until the end of this double period lesson. Make sure your practice your speeches to present to class one by one for the next lesson. Use the time left to finish the speeches and also swap your papers to get the people in your group to proof read your speech and make corrections."

Letizia who was in an all girl group alongside Vanessa put her hand up and spoke " Can I use a book please. I just need to check my facts."

The teacher nodded " Of course. Check the resources cabinet at the back."

As she stood up and walked to the back of the class, Vincenzo glanced at her following her movements. He loved how her dress looked. It really suited her curves. He found her frustrating but he loved everything about her. One day he was going to make her his. He was certain. He then took a deep breath and went back to work on his speech.

Vincenzo was sitting at a table of six with Cain, Tristan, Alton, Sebastiano and Alexander. They were almost finished now.

It was Tristan who put his pen down first. I am done. "Who is swapping with me?"

Vincenzo spoke " Give me a minute. I am writing the conclusion. Check over your conclusion and ending because for me that is the section that matters most if you asked me to check it."

Tristan spoke " I am done with this. Hurry up. Will you."

Vincenzo chuckled " You don't like this class. Do you? Come on. We are in this class because we don't want to hire speech writers when we take over our fathers' businesses. We should be able to write our own speeches for our employees."

Tristan sighed " Who are you preaching? My mother has a PhD is English literature and Law. She has made me take extra tuition for this kind of exercise for a while now and I am getting sick of it. I want extra classes in law. My father said he will arrange it."

Alexander looked up " Are you going to do that internship in that law firm then? For summer holidays...."

Tristan nodded " Yes. It's not my first choice but I might as well prepare for it well. Some law tuition can help." He then turned to Vincenzo " Where do you go for your internship?"

Vincenzo looked up " A journalism internship for a section that reports Wall Street forecast. I do a week of that and another week at a law firm."

Tristan raised an eyebrow " I did journalism over last summer. It was pretty boring. No action..."

Alton laughed " You got to interview a genius trader. I know he must have passed you some top secrets of trade you haven't shared with us. So don't say it was boring. It got you some knowledge."

Tristan sighed " It was an office role. I am not interested in office work that much. I like moving around. My father is hardly in one place...."

Vincenzo looked up " Done. Here is my speech. Rip it apart with criticism." He handed his speech to Tristan.

Tristan handed his speech to Vincenzo" Sure. Don't I always?"

Alton McNamara handed his speech to Alexander "You have written enough. Check it."

Alexander sighed "Alright. Here you go." He then handed him his paper.

Sebastiano handed his paper to Cane and took his as he spoke "Alton... Can you ask your sister, Azurine to get me into the Drama production? I really want to get in..."

Alton asked "Why don't you ask her yourself?"

Sebastiano spoke "Haven't you met your sister?"

Alexander laughed "Oh yeah. She is a year younger than us but as tall and her temper is real short. She hates the entire male population. She directs the drama production that most colleges like to see on applications. There are hardly any roles for boys. She has done it on purpose I am sure. Can you get her to add some more male roles this year so more of us can get a role?"

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