46. Teenage Impatience

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Tristan's heart was beating fast. He couldn't believe Vienna had touched him and had granted him to touch her. For so long he had fantasised about what it felt like to hold her. For so long he had imagined what it would be like to touch her. His heart was truly bursting from joy now that he had finally managed to get closer to her enough for her to allow him a kiss on the cheek.

Tristan had never expected what it could do him when she touched him. He had felt heavenly when her tiny fingers had touched him close to his heart. His hand automatically went to where she had touched him. Time had stopped when she had leaned over to him and to his shock had planted a kiss on his cheek. He couldn't believe that beautiful angel could think he was worthy enough of a kiss on the cheek by her soft lips. He felt like he was in a dream. How could this be reality? She had then gone on to tell him she did like him but was not ready. How could this be? Could her heart, beat for him too just like how his did for her? That brought a smile to his lips.

Tristan watched Vienna walk to the door to leave and he felt sad. But then found her bend over to tie her shoe laces. He smiled as he stared at her. It was nice to be close to her for a few more seconds. He took a deep breath and thought of how his life had suddenly changed. It didn't look bleak any more since Vienna actually had confessed to him that she didn't mind him pursuing her by indicating she did like him too. That brought so much relief for him. He had been fearing that Vienna would reject him and declare there was no chance for him. He knew that rejection was a possibility. But he could never accept Vienna rejecting him without even giving him a chance to prove he was worthy of her. Now life felt much better. She hadn't rejected him but she hadn't accepted him either. Still she was not ready. She said she liked him with her Gorgeous lips that he wanted to get to kiss one day ... Tristan was trying to think what that meant? She had looked at him with those beautiful eyes and had honestly said no one compared to him. He was special to her... But she couldn't say she loved him. He knew she didn't feel the same as he did towards her. Not yet.... But he was hoping she was going to get closer to him as time went on. He didn't mind waiting years and years for her.

Tristan was determined to keep pursuing her until she could accept he was the one for her and could go out with him perhaps.... Maybe then she could soon after confess to loving him... One could hope that day would come... Of course before any of his dreams could come true, he had to get her father's approval. He had to meet him before he could even get closer to her by asking her out. Of course Francesco Rosario wasn't going to let anyone date his daughter until he trusted them and met them. Who was he kidding? Francesco Rosario was not just going to meet him if he wished to date his daughter. He was going to interrogate him. Francesco Rosario was surely going to grill him inside out in that inevitable meeting but he was going to go into that meeting with all he had hoping to convince him, he was worthy of dating his daughter.

Suddenly he came out of his thoughts as there was commotion outside. He heard Vincenzo's voice outside. He was back and surely was hearing about Vienna being there from Alexander and Stefano, his trustees.

Vienna was startled as she stood up straight after tying her shoe laces staring at the door. Just then seconds later, Vincenzo walked in opening the door with more force than necessary making it hit the wall.

Vienna put her hand on her heart and took a step backward seeing her brother looking not so pleased. Viggo then appeared behind him and closed the door as Vincenzo walked towards Vienna "Have you lost your mind? What possessed you to come up here?"

Tristan didn't like his tone at all. He walked forward and stood between Vincenzo and Vienna. He spoke in a calm but hard tone " Don't talk to her like that. You should rephrase your words. Maybe a "how are you doing?" would be better to start with..."

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