4. Intense Young Rosarios (Part 1)

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Francesco was standing behind his desk looking at his sons doing their second set of twenty push ups. He was satisfied that they followed his orders without question. He would have hated to teach them lessons in more extreme ways if they didn't. He was hoping his sons continued to respond to his more moderate approach. Otherwise he had to be firmer with them in the process of teaching them how to behave in his household.

For Francesco, raising his sons was not simple. They resembled him in many ways. It was as though he was raising two teenage versions of himself. They were outspoken, strong willed and knew what they wanted. Their will was hard to bend and their mind set was hard to influence. Only he had authority over them and no one else. They only answered to him and followed his orders. If they weren't instructed about rules of treating someone or doing something by their father it meant it was at their discretion how they approached it.

Vincenzo finished his push ups seconds before Viggo and stood up looking at his father defiantly with his piercing eyes that mirrored his own. He was the spitting image of himself when he was at this age. His defiance showed his strong will but also was a curse since Francesco had to deal with it.

Then Viggo followed. He got up looking at his father with his pair of green eyes that resembled Adele's. But his eyes unlike Adele's held no emotion not giving away how he felt. Viggo's looks was a mixture between his own features and Adele's. He looked most serious and formal in his father's presence. But Francesco preferred it when he had a hint of a smile. His character was slightly similar to his uncle Antonio when it came to having a sense of humour. But apart from that he was like Francesco mostly.

But Viggo's twin sister's characteristics and how she looked were all Adele's. Maybe that was why Vienna was his father's favourite. Her personality was so innocent. Nothing like Francesco's sons at all.

Francesco's sons were now waiting for further instructions in silence and didn't move an inch. They didn't always have to act formally to this extent. Only when he asked them to go and wait in his office, then they had to follow the ritual of standing in the middle of the room and answering to him while he gave them a verdict and they were not allowed to speak out of turn. They knew when reckoning time was and when wasn't just by the tone of their father's voice. The brothers were used to the routine by now. To them Francesco Rosario was their father at the mansion but he was also a mob boss.

Francesco took his time keeping his sons waiting as he walked around the desk. He approached his sons as he stared them down. He stood in front of them and spoke "Reckoning time of the meeting is over. At least for one of you anyways. Vincenzo, I would like you to stay behind after Viggo leaves at. The end of this meeting. I need to have a word with you."

Vincenzo shrugged " Yes father."

Francesco spoke " Now, I let you in some news. We are going to the new technology convention during your end of term break. So you must cancel your plans. I am talking about you Viggo. You can't go to see Stefano and Cain as you do in their seaside villa in your holidays. You are coming with me. It's business time. I would like both of you to see what's on offer in conventions and want you to meet some new people. Do you have any objections?"

Vincenzo shook his head and Whispered" No father. I know Tristan and Trent are going with their father too."

Viggo sounded defeated " I have no complaints but I will check to see if I can get Stefano and Cain to go too....."

Francesco spoke " Viggo. Don't concern yourself with Cain and Stefano. The last time I checked I raised a leader. Not a follower. You don't follow anyone unless its me or Vincenzo. What others do shouldn't affect you in anyway unless they make you want to top them or do better than them. If they want to waste their end of term period, it's your uncles choice. You are my son. You do as I say without question unless there is a good reason to say no. For instance unless you have promised to do something for your mother."

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