47. Teenage Desires

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Angelia turned around and looked at Viggo and was about to throw insults at him thinking he was mocking her. But she became speechless as she turned around. She just took one look into Viggo's eyes and could tell he meant his words. It was a strange experience. Her number one enemy was standing there and looking at her with determined eyes that did not lie. How was this possible? They were enemies. She wished he wasn't a Rosario. She did fancy him but unfortunately he was a Rosario. There was nothing she didn't like about him, He had the most mesmerising smile and was really perfect in every way. When he spoke it was not like a human was speaking to you. He was something else. She always imagined him as a prince from under the oceans. He may have belonged to Atlantis with his strong presence and perfection. How could he be human? He never lied. He never swore. He just had been quite mean to her that day mocking her hurt knee that needed a plaster. But what if... he wasn't mocking her? Angelia had been so annoyed at losing even though it was a close honourable loss, to a point that she hadn't paid much attention to Viggo's sincerity at the sports fair..... What if he was actually telling the truth like he always did??? What if? Her eyes widened. He must have been telling the truth. His eyes showed nothing but sincerity.

Viggo was waiting for Angelia to say something. They were standing a meter away from each other as Angelia was looking at him with her mouth open. Some emotion crossed her eyes "I have to go."

Viggo objected sounding frustrated " Wait. Lets talk about this." He followed her " Look. I really like you."

Angelia stopped walking and turned around shaking her head "I know... I can tell... That's bad... That's really bad... Don't tell anyone... We can't...... Our parents will go crazy."

Viggo spoke "They will but it wont be that bad.... I asked my father. He said my uncle Antonio dated an Andovini once... He lives....It would be ok. You are a civilian since you are a girl."

Angelia sighed " But you are not. You will suffer the most if anyone finds out... Still, we both will go down. I know I will.... My parents would go mental. This is wrong... I am not just an Andovini. My mother is a Gustavo. Lets hope no one heard us." She looked around and took a deep breath of relief. Since it was the second break time of the day, the break time hours after lunch, other students had gone to the cafeteria to get something to eat most likely before their last periods. No one was in the gymnasium or its water fountain corridor.

Viggo insisted " Just tell me.... Will you go to the prom with me?"

Angelia walked away "Leave it Viggo.... You are nice but I can't do this... You are a Rosario."

Viggo sounded hopeful as he followed her as she was walking through the gymnasium towards the exit " I am nice? Thank you... So are you... So you don't actually mind going to the prom with me?"

Angelia sighed. Viggo really didn't need to ask that. Who wouldn't have gone to the prom with him? Didn't Viggo know how popular he was? He treated girls so respectfully and he was charming. He was the dream date for the prom. She bet half the girls would have given up their boyfriends for him in a heartbeat just for a chance to go to the prom with him just for the one night of spending time with him. Viggo was a mixture of two contrasting bloodlines. He had the gentleness of his mother's family but he was tough like his father's side of the family too. He was a gentleman but quite fierce and the wrong one to mess with if he wished it. There was no girl who didn't like him. He was just any girl's dream. He was the perfect date to take home to introduce to any parents. But of course her parents were the only exceptions unlucky for her.

Angelia turned to him "You are alright. You are better than the other jerks who asked me out. But...."

Viggo smiled "So will you go to the prom with me?"

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