131. The Prom (Part 10)

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Vincenzo was leaning to a tree with his hands in his pockets watching students dancing and taking pictures. Live music was playing and they were going to have fun until dinner time when they needed to go indoors again.

Vincenzo's eyes were on his younger brother who was talking to the enemy. What was he thinking? He had no idea. He couldn't stand this situation. His mind wasn't comprehending it. He had his hands in his pockets into fists and was looking at his brother staring him down. Viggo glanced at Vincenzo from time to time. He was wary and had kept Angelia close.

Vincenzo was trying to grasp what had happened. He had difficulty dealing with his father's instructions. His father knew full well Vincenzo was going to object to his brother dating an Andovini. His father had specifically ordered that any objections were going to be denied.

Vincenzo sighed in frustration as he towards the night clear skies of New York. That night he was a fifteen year old soon to be sixteen. He was wishing that soon he could call the shots. His father made the decisions and he didn't agree with his father's judgment in this particular case. Angelia was bad news. Her family were no friends of his father's. Why was his father allowing that witch to get close to Viggo. His father hadn't allowed Angelia to come close to their family and was uninvited but still on school premises she had permissions that Vincenzo couldn't comprehend. Trust had to be earned. He didn't trust Angelia. There was no evidence she was even interested in her parents' business but there was no evidence she was a friend of Rosarios either.

Vincenzo was brought out of his thoughts with the only angelic voice he knew as her footsteps got closer "What in the world are you doing here Vincenzo. It's party time... Letizia is sitting there missing you..."

Vincenzo glanced at her who was now standing a step away from him with her gorgeous eyes " But did you miss me?"

Clarisa rolled her eyes " No. I am almost the host. This is my parents' school so I need to make sure everyone have a chance of enjoying themselves even you who don't deserve it."

Vincenzo nodded "Terza. What do I deserve then? Tell me."

Clarisa crossed her arms over her chest "You deserve to have no siblings, no girlfriend and have a lonely life. That's what you deserve. How you are treating Viggo is out of order. I am sure if you keep treating your brother like an alien, Tristan would come at you. Vienna is not happy and worried. Why can't you accept it that you can't control your siblings. You are standing here staring at your brother like you want to kill him. Even I have heard the servents and guards are afraid to come to you to ask if you need anything.... Let it go Vincenzo... Don't you agree with your father? If you don't then be a man. Go up there and object. Of course you wouldn't dare."

Vincenzo was listening intently but then suddenly took a step towards her closing the distance making her almost take a step back. But Clarisa stood her ground looking at him defiantly after giving out a shaky breath. He was intimidating. Even to Terza.

Vincenzo glanced past Clarisa. Raging bull was watching him as he was slowly dancing with Vienna. His eyes were daring him to make his sister displeased.

Vincenzo glanced at Clarisa " Terza. Why don't you go back to the party. It's not really your problem. Your brother isn't sleeping with your enemy."

Clarisa gasped and shook her head " how dare you say that about Viggo? Besides actually I have been in your position before. Trent was dating Azurine before. She is Irish. My grandpa went mental on him but my mother was on his side. My mother trusted Azurine. And now Trent is after Amethyst. It all looks fine but do you think Arturo Agostini is making life easy for Trent? Oh no. You don't know anything. He has an obstacle course planned for him. An Irish dating a German American is very hard. This is it. We all are in families that have limited choices for dating. We have to choose within our own circle so FBI doesn't hunt us down with their spies. You are lucky Angelia is friends with Viggo. She is a sweet girl. I will give you an ultimatum Vincenzo. If you let this lie and allow your brother to have an easy time, I will write you a letter every once in a while after I am gone. If you don't then you won't hear from me ever until you sort your life out."

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