81. Offense is a good Defense

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After Tristan called Vienna, he finished getting changed as he was preparing to go to the Rosario mansion. He made his way out of his room and walked down corridors. One of the guards blocked him and stated " Sir, your father needs to see you in his office now before you make your way to the cars."

Tristan sighed " Fine." He then changed his path and walked towards his father's office. He knocked and entered his father's office. He saw his father sitting behind his desk looking at papers.

As Emanuelle looked up and saw his son he spoke firmly " Hello there ... traitor..."

Tristan froze as he reached the middle of the room. It was impossible to read his father's mind. His father was complex.

Emanuelle walked around the desk " Explain to me why you called Francesco and ruined my surprise? I was just on the phone with him...."

Tristan shook his head " Father... I called Vienna. Not her father .... I don't like Vienna to be overwhelmed. She needed to know who you are sending her way..."

Emanuelle chuckled darkly as he paced the floor " Interesting ... So you betray your old man for your girl .... Don't ruin my surprises son ... I don't like it."

Vincenzo insisted " But Rosarios don't like surprises..."

Emanuelle turned his back to his son and walked to corner of the room as he spoke " Well ... I certainly do and you ... have to pay up now... Traitor..."

Tristan watched his father take one sword out of his cupboard. His father threw the sword between them on the floor. It was not a real sword. It was a sword similar to those used by sports men but it was sharp enough to cut clothing if his father applied force. But his father never hurt him with it except for making him feel exhausted when they fought.

Emanuelle took out the other sword and turned around " Pick up the sword son... what are you waiting for?"

Tristan was hesitant. No one dared take his father on in fencing. Even Francesco Rosario avoided sword fighting with Emanuelle. Tristan had heard the last time they had fenced Francesco had lost but his father kept losing in chess. But he was certain it must have been close. Vincenzo was taught fencing by his father and was really hard to beat. But ironically Tristan had beaten Vincenzo before. It was a close match but he had beaten him and their re-match was due at some point.

Tristan walked slowly to the sword on the floor " Father.., I need to get changed... My suit could get ripped... When we play you rip my shirt with your sword alot." Tristan knew his father was doing this on purpose now. The suit Tristan was wearing was gifted to him by his Grandpa Giovanni that day. Tristan's mother has specifically told him that day if anything happened to this suit he was going to be grounded until Christmas when he returned from his trip. Tristan recalled his father new that.

Emanuelle walked slowly towards his son " Oh . I see you don't want to rip Grandpa Giovanni's suit that he gifted you... Well in that case you are going to have to be careful not to rip it.

Tristan stood towering over the sword on the floor " I need to change my suit..." If his mother grounded him, he couldnt take Vienna out in evenings.. That was not convenient. He already had planned out all his dates.

Emanuelle shook his head " Not an option. I give you three seconds to pick up the sword and if you don't comply then I will make your mother's threat sound like a picnic."

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