22. Reality Is Tough

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Vincenzo was sitting in his least favourite lesson because of the teacher of course. Sancia O'Neil was teaching them Italian literature. He was not really fond of her simply. His father didn't trust her. Neither did he. He was feeling frustrated listening to her lecture as she was writing on the board. He whispered to Tristan sitting next to him " Can you get me out of this class again with an excuse. Like last time?"

Tristan sighed shaking his head and breathed " No."

Vincenzo spoke " I will owe you one if you find me an excuse."

Tristan looked at him " Find your own excuse."

Sancia called out " Do you have a question for me Tristan?"

Tristan turned to his mother " No, Dr Giovanni."

Vincenzo held in a chuckle. He knew Tristan's mother preferred to be called Dr Giovanni. Tristan knew how to keep his mother pleased in public so she didn't complain to his father. Emanuelle O'Neil hardly ever interfered if his wife complained about his teenage sons. But if he agreed with his wife, he would have punished his sons severely. He meant business when he interfered. There seemed to be truce between Tristan and his mother for now. It wasn't that Tristan rebelled against his mother but the problem was that his mother really had unreasonable demands sometimes. Tristan was quite close to his mother's side and resembled the Giovanni family more than his fathers side in some ways. But he was his fathers son when it came to being a double edged sword acting so dangerously as a man of diplomacy and action in any situation.

Sancia O'Neil wrote on the board the next tasks instructions. It was another two thousand word essay and the class had one hour to do it. Students therefore immediately started writing like mad.

Sancia O'Neil walked to her son's table and instructed to Tristan " I would like you to be present in my office right after school when you finish your basketball practice. Don't be late." She then walked away to other desks checking on the other students working and giving lunch time detentions and 1000 lines penalties if they hadn't completed the homework due that day that they were meant to have on their desks ready for her to mark.

Vincenzo looked at Tristan who was looking annoyed as he was writing. " What is it your mother wants from you?"

Tristan shrugged " She wants to add another week to my internship with a client of her choice who she is also happen to have a meeting with today. She wants me in that meeting. I wont be in any post match meeting if one was needed. Cover for me if that was the case...."

Vincenzo spoke " There won't be one. I have to be home right after school. My father doesn't like us staying too late when its exam time.... But tell me... Why not say no? Why do you have to go?"

Tristan sighed "I can't say no."

Vincenzo spoke " Why aren't you keen to go anyways? It's a business meeting from the sounds of it."

Tristan looked at Vincenzo " Trust me. You wouldn't want me to go that meeting. She is not a good friend of your father."

Vincenzo spoke " She? Alright..,, so you are meeting Alton's and Azurine's mother then. You are seeing her again, Bianca McNamara, your mother's best friend. It makes sense you don't want to see her. The woman made her husband disappear after their divorce. Poor soul. Some say she is keeping him locked up somewhere so he wont corrupt his kids with his hippie ideas. I don't know why she married a normal person and not a criminal .... But we both know, it's not just that. She hates men, just like Azurine."

Just then Sancia walked to their table and stood behind Vincenzo " You seem to be struggling with the work. You only have one hour, Vincenzo."

Vincenzo spoke as he was writing the title of the new essay " I am a Rosario. I always deliver unlike some.... "

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