91. Justice & Sweetness

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Vienna was back in her theory class after she had left her father's presence. Her mind was with what was happening at the meeting room. She had no idea what was happening and the wait was agonising for the meeting to be over. She felt bad for being the reason for Letizia to get into trouble. She blamed herself.

Time for lunchtime came and Vienna left the class. Before going to the survival Camp's canteen to get food, she decided to go to her locker and get her shorts. She felt hot in her trousers and she didn't know what had possessed her not to wear shorts as part of her uniform instead of her hot trousers. Maybe her ordeal had made her feel hot now. She grabbed her trousers and went to get changed in the changing room. As she walked out she bumped into a rock hard chest that was blocking the exit. She fell backwards but his pair of strong arms held her in place and his arms wrapped around her waist stopped her from falling and making her feel safe.

Vienna looked up into his eyes. "Oh .... sorry..."

Tristan replied "No problem.... I called you when you entered. You didnt hear because it was noisy in the corridors. Sorry. I startled you by standing here at the exit...." He then let go of her waist but he missed her warmth immediately. He didnt want to let go. He bent down and picked up her trousers from the floor. He stood up "You dropped this.... Put it back into your locker if you need to... I want to have lunch with you now... is that ok? If you want to have lunch with your friends, I understand. Then we can maybe talk after lunch...."

Vienna took a deep breath. Even though he had ordered her to see him at lunch he still asked her politely if she didnt mind spending time with him. He respected her wishes and always tried to give her a choice if he could help it. She didnt mind at all... Also she prefered to have that talk now that he had promised. if it was after lunch then she was a Sergeant and she was a corporal. At least titles didnt matter now as it was off duty time.

Vienna nodded "Sure... I will have lunch with you... Let me put this in my locker."

Tristan smiled.

Vienna felt at ease with him. He sounded content. Considering he was coming from the meeting he looked too composed. Whatever the outcome was it looked like it had pleased him enough to even smile. It was good that now was lunch time and they didnt have to be formal like the rest of the hours at survival camp. She couldnt wait for this week to be over so there was no more survival camp on daily basis and only they had it on fridays from that point like always. But a part of her felt sad. Tristan was leaving after the weekend.

Vienna then tried to side step him. Tristan's muscular chest was in the way. He covered the narrow corridor that lead to the changing room exit. She admired his figure. He was so athletic. She had seen at times hoe hard he worked at the gym to keep fit. It was saddening sometimes to know why he had to be strong. He had inherited so many enemies from two families he was connected to. But for how all she could think of was his intense glare that was on her. She bit her lip "May I pass?"

Tristan narrowed his eyes at how she bit her lip but stepped aside. She was killing him. This was pure torture waiting to kiss her. He was willing to do anything to get a taste of those lips that she easily bit. She teased him so heartlessly as she showed off what she could touch that he couldn't, unless one she allowed it. 

Tristan stood aside and watched her walk past. He watched her walk to her locker and admired how elegant she walked. She was graceful as a princess and destined to be his queen. Could his day get any better now? He watched justice being served and now he had the honour of walking behind his girl and looking at her all he wanted. He walked behind her being glad no one was around. At this moment he didn't want anyone to disturb them.

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