42. Getting There Slowly

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Vienna was coming out of the exam hall walking to the cafeteria to get breakfast. She had breakfast in the morning but she had become hungry after thinking so much. The exam was really hard. As she walked into the cafeteria and towards the counters, she watched the students clear away and get out if her way. She sighed. What was going on? She had no idea that at that moment, Tristan was watching her from far and the students were conscious of it. She walked to one of the counters without noticing him and asked for a glass of orange juice and hot pastry.

Tristan was sitting opposite Vincenzo on a table close to the counters in the cafeteria as they were discussing their strategy for the next game. They had sheets of paper in front of them and were writing down their strategies. They had discussed their tactics in the morning but of course, they were discussing it further until the afternoon when the practice was.

Vincenzo noticed Tristan had gone quiet. He looked up at him and saw how he was staring into the distance. He then looked to the direction he was looking. He turned back sharply to Tristan "Are you kidding me? Seriously? Give my sister some space to breath.. Stop looking at her like that..."

Tristan looked at Vincenzo "If she doesn't want me to look at her, she needs to ask me herself. I told you I wont do anything she is not happy with."

Vinncezno argued " She wont tell you even if it bothers her.... She is just too nice... I know her.... She is my baby sister...."

Tristan defended "Of course. She wasn't your baby sister when you threw her paintings away. Now suddenly she is..."

Vincenzo spoke "You don't know what you are talking about. I just don't want her to throw her life away."

Tristan warned " How can you say that? Your uncle Costanzo is a painter in his spare time."

Vincenzo spoke "Its different with him."

Tristan stated "How?"

Vincenzo stated "It just is... He is beyond saving" He then got on with writing down strategies as he was sketching the basketball court.

Tristan announced "You know, I would never do to Clarisa what you did to Vienna and her art work. How can you treat her like this? She told me she hasn't entered the art challenge because you may get mad. Have you got anything to say for yourself?"

Vincenzo looked up and sighed "Well, you can inform her that I have been given a last warning by my father that I shouldn't interfere in her art ambitions. So she can go ahead and waste her time if she wishes, because no thanks to my mother, I can't do anything. She told my father she was fed up of me giving her a hard time. Guess what? This time the threat is quite serious because of my dear mother. Vienna is allowed to throw her life away if she wishes and waste her time painting. no thanks to my mother..."

Tristan shook his head "You know, you are so lucky to have a mother who is so caring. She is stopping you from making mistakes. If my mother was as caring as yours my life would have been easier."

Vincenzo spoke "I don't even know what you are talking about. Just do this and stop pressuring her like this...."

Tristan stated "She hasnt complained that I am looking at her."

Vincenzo spoke without looking up" Let her have her breakfast in peace. If she chokes on her food while you look at her, I will choke you...."

Tristan laughed "You know, this situation is so comical. Suddenly you have become more protective of her ever since I have said, I like her. That's how it works Vincenzo. My old man says, you don't appreciate what's in front of you until you feel its under threat or you lose it. He had a near death experience so he has taught me to appreciate little things that others may not. I wonder what else you take for granted. I wonder what else should become under threat or taken away from you in order for you to appreciate it."

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