37. Complicated Lessons

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Letizia found her lessons strange. It just didn't seem normal. All those boys from in the morning were not treating her well. In science, when some equipment and chemicals had finished, she needed to go to stock room to get more but strangely Nick and Joshua offered her their own equipment and went to the stock room themselves. Sebastiano and Alton were also civilised and even made polite short conversations with her when they had to talk to her in class discussions as all lessons included group work and discussion in pairs of some kind where the students mostly were randomly matched together. They were not taunting her or anything unlike what she expected. She expected them to be rude but they were acting so normal.

Also when Letizia came across Tristan in the lessons, he acted like nothing had happened either. The only time she had thought he was confronting her was when she was standing in science class and found Tristan walking towards her fast. Then she noticed he was just walking to one of the cabinets as he walked past her. Regardless, she had been wary of him and very afraid even with Vincenzo around.

Vincenzo and Tristan had the same presence. But lucky for Letizia, she was Vincenzo's girl and hadn't been targeted by Vincenzo's full force wrath as she had experienced when she had faced Tristan. Letizia really considered herself lucky. If Vincenzo wasn't in the same school, she was going to be hurt before she could even try to escape.

Letizia was now walking to her next lesson, Economics after lunch. She was quite early in the class and only Alexander was there. He was standing at the window looking outside. She took her seat at the back and Alexander turned around. He smiled "Hey, are you alright?"

Letizia nodded "I am fine. Much better than this morning."

Alexander walked to Letizia and sat opposite her on a chair. He spoke in a serious tone "Has anyone been upsetting you in any way or threatening you since this morning? You have to tell Vincenzo if anyone insults you...."

Letizia shook her head "Don't worry. No one has been disrespectful to me... quite the opposite. Some people are nicer than I thought. Those boys, Joshua, Nick, Alton and Sebastiano are just acting like others, like normal class mates. Even helping me...."

Alexander shrugged "Good. They should know their place anyways. Sometimes they need to be reminded. Vincenzo has sent off some warnings to all boys again. If he even suspects anyone disrespects you they are dead."

Letizia shook her head "Seriously? He just threatens to kill them for me?"

Alexander laughed "No. He didn't threaten to kill anyone. I say they are dead, because trust me, if any people upset you, they would take a gun to their own heads themselves. No one would want to go through what Vincenzo threatened to do to the guilty party that insults or hurts you... It starts like this, first he would chop off ...."

Letizia spoke quickly "Stop. Stop. Don't tell me. I don't want to know..."

Alexander spoke "Seriously. It's just Tristan that's untouchable. No one else is Vincenzo's match in this place."

Letzia sighed "This place is unreal. I have never heard of such school before. The closest thing I have heard of is that book "The Lord of Flies"."

Suddenly the bell rang and Alexander stood up and walked to his table. More and more students came in and the lesson started. The Economics lecturer did some teaching and then it was time for a task. Letzia was confused. She was sitting next to Vanessa listening to the lecturer explaining the next task they had to do and trying to make sense of it. It was quite complex. They had to work in groups. Each group had to be a company and every company was from a unique industry. The companies depended on each other in terms of production and consumption. They had to sell their products and offer their services for a fee. The main aim was to reach the profit target for the particular industry. Students were expected to either go around the class as traders or sit at the table to do negotiations with the traders from other companies. So many resources were provided. The money of course was fake the task felt so real.

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