74. The Interrogation Heat

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Tristan gripped the edge of the table he was leaning onto. His grip was tight as he was feeling the heat of the interrogation. Staying composed under Francesco Rosario's hard stare was not a light task. Here Tristan was standing under the stare of the man that everyone feared. As Francesco wordlessly was staring him down in total silence, Tristan was fighting hard to not look away. His legs were almost trembling. This man must have been one of the world's most wanted criminals capable of making the toughest men cry. Tristan knew he shouldn't have threatened Francesco Rosario but something possessed him to do it.

At that moment as Tristan was holding his breath waiting to get a backlash, he thought of his parents' words on Francesco Rosario. His mother always said she feared death and she feared Francesco Rosario. His father always said the only ones who displeased Francesco Rosario and lived on were Francesco's uncle and father. So only his blood was immune to Francesco Rosario. Yet Tristan had just threatened Francesco Rosario in a room all alone. When Tristan came to think of it his grandpa Giovanni was even wary of Francesco too. Tristan had never seen his grandfather bring Francesco in this  bullet proof, bomb proof, burgler proof room where they displayed weapons. No visitors carried weapons but they were trusted not to be able to break any weapons out of this room. But Francesco Rosario never got a tour of this weapons room as far as Tristan knew.... Was it because his grandfather knew if anyone could find a way to attack him in his own home was Francesco Rosario? Tristan was now certain it was true.

Francesco observed the young man for longer than necessary in silence. Tristan reminded him of himself. Tristan was not weak and was not afraid to challenge anyone who challenged his intentions towards his daughter. That was a quality. He had a lot of Emanuelle in him. Emanuelle was reckless and wasn't ever afraid to face the consequences of what came of his recklessness. Emanuelle was a risk taker but an intelligent criminal who could back up the threats he issued and could make success out of the unlikeliest situations. Yet his son seemed to inherit his father's traits but was he aware of the consequences of threatening him? Francesco guessed he must have known and he still went ahead and did it for defending his intentions for his daughter.

Tristan's throat felt dry as he watched Francesco Rosario take one step closer to him while not breaking his stare. His instinct told him to run.

Francesco whispered " Son.... Don't be so sure of yourself. How do you know I wouldn't do the same? I would put a bullet between your eyes too if you weren't who you are...But do you think it's wise to threaten me in the  middle of a weapons room?... I don't think so... You are only a teenager... It's natural for you to react too soon to a situation you don't understand ... But, son don't make a habit of it.... Now answer this question ... Have you .... written your will son?"

Tristan was taken back. He doubted his safety close to Francesco Rosario. He was Tristan's godfather just like how his father was Vincenzo's godfather. He called him son but did he want to kill Tristan? Francesco Rosario was capable of it. Tristan tried to put his thoughts behind his mind and spoke in a confident tone " No sir. I have not written a will yet."

Francesco leaned closer intimidating Tristan " I suggest you do son. I suggest you do that soon. I wish for you to write in your will that in event of your death you let my daughter go and she should be free to love another. Are you willing to do that? Are you able to do it tonight?"

Tristan was confused " Sir... I don't think I understand..."

Francesco sighed " Really son? You dont understand why you need a will?"

Tristan asked "No."

Francesco couldnt help smile but he had a hard expression in his eyes so making his smile almost menancing. He shook his head "Son, dont dispute this demand. I want you to write a will. My daughter cant spend a lifetime mourning you... You will be tested on this lengthy trip that starts this weekend. You might die..."

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