133. Harsh Lessons

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Vienna was watching without him noticing. It was near the time to go upstairs to watch the movie and have a sleep over but she had been wondering around the place instead of getting her necessities for the night like others. Now here she was trapped inside a closet watching Tristan. She had entered forbidden territory. She had become curious in checking out the basement. She had walked inside looking around but then had heard noises. She has panicked when she heard begging and screams. She had walked into a closet, had sat on the floor as she was watching through the gap of the wardrobe as the events unfolded in front of her.

There was a boy kneeling at Tristan's feet crying. His typical group were standing around too in a big circle as the boy on the floor was begging for Tristan to let him go " I swear. I didn't know. Please don't hurt me."

Tristan was looking wt the boy with disgust " Do you really think I let you get away with what you did? Do you? Haven't you seen what I do to people who break the rules?"

The boy cried " Please. I am sorry. I won't do it again."

Vienna wondered what he had done. He didn't know the boy well. He went to her school. His father worked for Tristan's father.

Tristan asked " Who told you to listen to my conversation with my girl?"

The boy gasped " No one. I was just walking by. I swear I didn't mean to listen to what you were saying."

Tristan turned to the boys and gave out a menacing laugh that made her chills go down her spine " He says he was just walking by." He then looked at the boy with a hard expression " Tell me who you work for?"

The boy's lips quivered " No one. I swear. It was an accident."

It was Sebastiano who spoke " I saw you there. You didn't walk away. You stood there."

Tristan looked around the room looking bored as his cousin talked. He then put his hands on his hips " Hold him. I need to teach him a hard lesson."

Vienna covered her mouth as she watched the boy started screaming as he was forcefully and roughly dragged to the wall. He was held by two of Tristan's friends. Tristan took his time walking in front of the boy pacing the floor " You insulted me and my girl by spying. You are refusing to provide information about who told you to do it. You are a mess. Your screams show you are a disgrace to your family."

Vienna was finding it hard to watch. Tristan was just about to start. He walked closer to the boy and punched him in the gut making him groan. Vienna closed her eyes shut. She didn't dare move or say anything. She didn't want to come out in front of a room full of people. Ironically the crime of the boy was spying. She was committing the same sin. She didn't want to walk out there. She heard more blows. The boy was crying hard.

Vienna covered her ears but she could hear the pain. Tristan was the most ruthless when it came to dealing with offenders besides Vincenzo. This was who he was. To her he was a gentle boyfriend but to others he was their worst nightmare.

She heard the boys pleas. "I didn't spy. I swear. I just wanted to find my sister's ring. She had lost it around the trees.

Vienna now remembered. He wasn't lying. His sister had lost her ring around the place where she was talking to Tristan. She opened her eyes and took deep breaths hoping for the boy's torture to be over.

Tristan stated " That's nice of you to name the guilty one. I think I am going to ask the guys to bring your sister here to me. "

The boy shouted "No. No Please. Don't hurt my sister. I swear. I am telling the truth. I beg you. I will do anything."

Vienna felt horrified. Vienna knew Tristan didnt discriminate when he punished people. Boys and girls suffered at his hands. She breathed "Please no." She didnt think she was loud enough fo Tristan to hear but he heard. He froze and put his hand up "Quiet. Someone else is in this room. Find them."

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