29. Tough Teenage Life

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Vienna got changed in the dressing room after practice and made her way outside the girls' changing room block seeing Viggo from far waiting for her. He looked deep in thought. She walked to him "Hey. Where is Vincenzo?"

Viggo shrugged " He is trying to get Letizia to come to our house tonight so he can tutor her in engineering. He never gives up. He caught up with her in the basketball court just when she was about to leave and still talking to her. There is a slim chance she would show up for dinner tonight."

Vienna nodded "Ok. Lets hope he is not too late and doesn't keep us waiting too long. Father doesnt like it if we don't arrive back on time..."

Viggo sighed "Vienna..... Can you be honest me if I ask you something?"

Vienna nodded "Sure."

Viggo spoke "How did you get Tristan to change his mind about Trent and I? I am grateful for what you did. I really am... but how did you do it?"

Vienna tried to deny it "What do you mean?"

Viggo spoke "Look, Tristan took Trent and I aside and told us he changed his mind after you spoke to him. But I know him well. He hardly ever changes his mind like this. He is super strict when it comes to team discipline. You must have .... given him something ...Please tell me the truth... It's really killing me... I thank you for this but i need to know..."

Vienna looked away and bit her lip "I gave him a promise."

Viggo's eyes widened "What did you promise him?"

Vienna spoke truthfully "I can't tell you because you will tell father..."

Viggo spoke urgently "Please tell me what you promised... Vienna he is not one to be given promises. If you promise him anything you have to honour it. But Vincenzo and I can protect you if you don't wish to. Just tell me so I will know."

Vienna looked up at his brother "Look. It's not a big deal. I can make my own decisions. You said it yourself."

Viggo spoke "I did. But promising Tristan and not honouring it is suicide. If you can't do what you promised, you must tell me and Vincenzo so we can protect you. Vincenzo can get you out of it. You don't know Tristan like I do. He is dangerous. Do you know who you are messing with? I have seen how he can mentally crush you if he is not respected and honoured. He may come across as a perfect guy and a gentleman when it comes to treating you but he is brutal if he is crossed. I have seen it. I have witnessed what he does to people who cross him, displease him or do not honour his promises. It's not about just what he does to people physically.... He may not hurt you that way.... But he knows mind games and plots Vincenzo and I even can't work out sometimes. He may be honourable like his father but he is also Sancia Giovanni's son. That woman has taught him so much. Don't forget that...."

Vienna shook her head "But he can't hurt me. He wont. I know he wont. Besides we are Rosarios. He is an O'Neil. We can take care of ourselves if the time comes."

Viggo spoke "He may not hurt you in ways you might think. But he might hurt you somehow. I have seen it. He is very precise when he hits someone where it hurts.... Come on Vienna. you do know that Vincenzo and I can help you and will die for you but .... if Vincenzo and I don't know what you have promised him, we can't protect you when it counts if you can't meet whatever demand he has. Tell me please..."

Vienna spoke "I have no intention of breaking my promise..."

Viggo spoke "I know that but what if you can't fulfill it. What if you are not capable of doing it. You might fulfill half of your promise or you forget or you may refuse to when the time comes. Please tell me. Failure to honour his promise has consequences. Vincenzo and I need to know what we are dealing with if you can't honour your word."

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