120. The Beast Unleashed

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Vincenzo had been exercising in the deserted training grounds of the woods surrounding the O'Neil hotel for hours now. Right now he was doing pull ups on a fixed pull up bar in the outdoors fitness facility that had everything he needed to let off some steam. The crispy morning air was his only companion as he was using any means to let out his urges that were screaming at him to go to her. She had confessed to him that she had fallen him years ago. That made blood rush to his muscles as his heart beat rose. He was doing pull ups like mad as he was recalling what she had said. How was that possible? Terza had feelings for him. She truly did. The thought warmed his heart... But even he knew there was no such thing as loving someone. There was only falling in love that made a life worth living. He had to make her fall in love with him. He had to make her become his woman one day. Terza didnt loathe him. She did feel love towards him but it didnt mean she was going to become his. He had to prove he was worthy of her hand and that was a challenge he was going to accept.

Vincenzo picked up the pace and carried out his pull ups on the fixed bar even faster than before as he recalled how she had told him she had fallen for him years ago. Those words were making him feel what he never had felt before. He felt protective of her. He felt like loving her but he never had any hope of her loving him back. But she had given him hope. That was all he needed to know to make him feel released. The urge inside him was released and he was not going to stop at anything until he had her. Recalling her words were making him feel the urge to run to her now... but he couldnt come on to her quickly. As much as he wanted to run to her and call her his girl he couldnt.

Letizia was around but that was not the only obstacle. he didnt think Terza wanted a man at that point. She had a different mindset to other girls. He thought it was best to give her space. He had to refrain from going to her even though he wanted to tell her all secrets he had locked inside him. He had to tell her he worshiped the ground she walked on. He wanted to tell her how when he looked into his eyes, his heart skipped a beat. He wanted to tell her what it did to him when she smiled. There was no better feeling inthis wprld but to see her smile. He never wanted to see her cry. Ever. His girl only deserved to be happy. Whereever she was. He knew it was not going to make her happy to be with him. She was not ready.

Even though terza's confessions made everything simpler, this was just the begining of his fight. He had to prove himself worthy of an O'Neil while he was safekeeping a Marciano. It was impossible to anyone but not to him. He could handle this. He could have her. He knew he could. Once Letizia was returned to Vitale's care that would have removed his inhibitions. There was ging to be nothing between him and his Terza then. He was going to claim his beloved by any means necessary and was not going to let her get away. He wanted nothing more than going to her father and ask permission to date his daughter but before that he had the opportunity to make Terza see that he loved her truly.

Vincenzo was done with his pull up training. He let go and landed on his feet but he was no where near done with training. He walked towards his next target that was a boxing punch bag suspended from another pull up bar nearby. The time he had for catching his breath reminded him of the last moments before she had left. His notstrils flared as he recalled her teasing right at the end before she had ran off. He growled as he stood in front of the punch bag and threw punches left and right thinking of her teasing. She had that mischievous smile of hers on her lips when she had said words that had fuelled a fire inside him. The fire was burning him with the deadliest feeling of all. Jealousy.

Each word of that sentence made him burn with jealousy. He had to show her what he was made of. He had to show her she was his only. She had played with fire when he had pulled the strings of his heart as she had confessed to her she loved him. But then she had declared to him the words that if they came true, it would have earned her a punishment in his mind. Oh he had kept a note of that. She had stared right at him and she had dared say " Vincenzo come find me when you sort out Letizia's mess and if I am not married by then you can ask my father to take me to a coffee date." Little red was playing a dangerous game. He was going to show her she shouldn't have played with his heart. She shouldn't have said she could be married. No. She only belonged to him. She wasn't allowed to be with another man. Not now. Not ever. At the thought of her outrageous declaration, blood rushed to his arms and he punched the bag like there was no tomorrow in rage.

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