Family Tree - Spolier Alert

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Please don't read if you don't want spoilers before reading this book.
It's my first attempt of making a family tree in text. I will try to make it better later....

Francesco's Grandparents:
Grandfather =Vittorio Rosario Grandmother = Adriana Rosario
Their children ( Francesco's uncles and aunt) = Patricia, Pietro, Piero, Paulo

Francesco's Parents:
Father = Paulo Rosario
Mother = Maria Rosario
Sons = Costanzo and Francesco

Francesco's youngest uncle:
Francesco's youngest uncle = Piero Rosario
Uncle's wife = Martha Rosario
Son (Francesco's cousin) = Antonio
Daughter in law = Georgina Canavaro
Grandson = Alexander 

Francesco's oldest uncle
Francesco's uncle = Pietro
Pietro's wife = Sofia
Son = Vitale ( same age as Vincenzo)
Daughter = Tiziana (Same age as Viggo)

Francesco's aunt:
Francesco's aunt = Patricia
Patricia's husband = Roberto
Daughter ( Francesco's cousin)= Anna
Anna's husband = Arturo Agostini
Grandson = Andreas

Voltolini Family
Ambrogio Voltolini + Arturo's cousin Portia
Alessio Voltolini + Alicia Agostini ( Arturo's sister) = Scorpious

O'Neils and Giovannis
Emanuelle O'Neil ( Francesca's best friend) + Sancia Giovanni ( Costanzo's ex crush) = Tristan, Trent, Clarissa

Sergio Giovanni ( Sancia's brother) + divorced wife = Sebastiano

Georgio Canavaro  ( Georgina's brother) + Flora = Vanessa ( Alexander's' cousin)

Canavaros Georgio Canavaro  ( Georgina's brother) + Flora = Vanessa ( Alexander's' cousin)

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