28. An Eventful Session

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Vienna was in the changing room wearing her cheer leading outfit as she was thinking back to the events of today. The lessons had finished for the day and this was practice time. Yesterday they had basketball practice and today they had cheer leading as a compromise.

As she was deep in though Vanessa approached her. She stood next to her looking at the massive mirror that covered one side of the room as he was checking her outfit. " Is everything alright Vienna? You seem abit distant today... I tried to get your attention earlier in the drama class but you ran off."

Vienna sighed as she turned to Vanessa " Didn't you see Tristan next to me the whole lesson? Isn't that reason enough for my head to be too jumbled up to see you?"

Vanessa turned to Vienna with surprise " He is nice to you though. He is nasty to everyone but with you he seems so respectful.... So what's the problem?"

Vienna sighed " Nothing.... It's really nothing but this is happening too fast. He was holding my hand the whole time in the lesson."

Vanessa frowned " Did you try to take your hand out of his grip and he didn't let you?"

Vienna shook her head " No. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I just sat there and didn't complain. But I don't feel the same about him. He looks at me like I am the only person in the room and no one else matters. It's too much. I am not ready to look at him that way... I don't return his affections..."

Vanessa spoke " It's not as bad as you think. He respects you. Just tell him to slow down and he will listen. If he didn't, tell your brothers or even better, your father..."

Vienna rubbed her head with her hand " Damn. I forgot about my father's reaction... Tristan said he saw my dad earlier... He knows. Apparently Mr O'Neil phoned him up and told him about us last night..."

Vanessa spoke " That's good. So you don't have to tell him."

Vienna sighed " You are probably right on that. I don't know how I could tell him."

Vienna and Vanessa followed Azurine outside into one of the many adjacent basketball courts to practice cheer leading. They did some practice at the side of the field so it could mimic the real situation and sometimes indoors.

As they got on with practicing, the boys also poured into one of the basketball courts. The boys used to start to whistle sometime if they saw the cheer leaders to tease them but this time they were dead silent and weren't even looking.

Azurine laughed "Its not so bad that you are dating Tristan, Vienna. Alton told me he has made some explicit threats to the team if they are caught looking at you. So since you are in the group they wouldn't dare whistle and look just in case he thinks they have directed any taunts at you."

Vienna gasped "He has done that?"

Azurine nodded "Of course. He has also told his team not to interfere with our training. Only him and Vincenzo can do it. This is more for their protection. if anyone upsets you, they die."

Vienna questioned "But he is not even with them."

Vanessa spoke "He is probably just having a word with Viggo and Trent in private. He said he would."

Vienna was abit worried about Viggo but she was relived Tristan had agreed to at least not tell her father about Viggo. Their father didn't like phone calls home if it wasn't positive. Especially if anyone disturbed him on his day off, he was going to make them pay for it."

The girls got on with training and the boys also started training. Then minutes later, To Vienna's relief, Viggo and Trent came out with Tristan on to the field. But then she frowned as she saw Trent and Viggo dropped on the floor and started push ups just as they entered the basketball court. Of course, he was going to give them extra training.

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