109. Destined For An Heir

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It was early morning and Vincenzo was standing outside the Giovanni hotel in the car park as he was leaning to one of the cars that belonged to his father. He had been waiting for his family to come down so they all could go to church. He had nothing to do at the hotel room so he had decided to come and stand outside early.

Vincenzo had his hands in his pocket as he was silently observing his surroundings. This was Giovanni turf. The Giovanni guards outnumbered the Rosario guards. If they wanted to hurt the Rosarios they could but that was highly unlikely Giovannis were allies of Rosarios. Besides, now that Vienna was Tristan's girl, it meant the Rosarios were safe on Giovanni territory with or without the alliances in place.

Of course no crime family in theory dared attack the Rosarios at that point because of the complex alliances. The Agostini family in Italy were going to destroy any family that fought against any Rosarios. In America, O'Neils, Giovannis, Marcianos and Canavaros also had a brotherhood contract with Rosarios that couldn't be broken. The Rosario allies were going to wipe any enemies off the face of the earth if anyone touched the Rosarios. That's how the brotherhood worked.

Vincenzo sighed and looked up at the tall building in front of him wondering where everyone was. Firstly, he saw his baby sister behind her window as his mother was helping her with her hair. He never thought his baby sister was ever going to belong to Tristan and everyone was going to have to acknowledge it so soon. Vienna was destined to be a Giovanni and an O'Neil, according to both Tristan's grandparents who did talk about it openly when his father wasn't around. Vincenzo had cringed as he had overheard them discuss it yesterday. Even though Vincenzo had no issue with Tristan dating his sister, still he found it difficult to accept his baby sister was being claimed by the raging bull. He wished Tristan allowed her more time for her to come around like how he had given Terza time and space.

Just then Vincenzo heard voices from behind him. He turned and watched men leaving the building opposite of the hotel which was the storage warehouse of the hotel. Gabriel Giovanni walked outside the warehouse as he was accompanied by his body guards and of course his son Sergio Giovanni and grandson Sebastiano walked out too.

As gabrial Giovanni approached his hotel building, out of respect, Vincenzo took a few steps forward and greeted Gabriel Giovanni as he was walking past him " Good morning sir."

Gabriel Giovanni gave him a smile " Good morning son.... You look just like your grandfather standing right there.... Paulo would be proud to hear how much you have grown and who you are becoming." Gabriel Giovanni then patted him on the shoulder as he walked by.

Vincenzo of course politely nodded and whispered a " Thank you..."

Vincenzo knew that his father was not going to be happy to hear that Gabriel Giovanni dared mention Paulo Rosario. His grandpa Rosario was the forbidden topic and for a good reason. His father hated his old man. It was also ironic that Gabriel Giovanni thought Paulo was going to be proud of how he had turned out and grown up. Vincenzo chuckled to himself. His grandfather hated going to church. Vincenzo was certain that if his grandfather was there, he would have used colourful words at him for choosing to go to church.

Vincenzo did admire his grandfather but it didn't mean he agreed with everything he believed in. Vincenzo loved his grandfather's visions when it came to business. His grandfather had a peculiar mind. He planned the structure of his business affairs inspired by how his engineering designs worked. His grandfather had some risky approaches that had won his grandfather so many enemies and had brought his demise forcing his father to overtake. But with good adjustments and blending in with his father's strategies, Vincenzo knew it could work.

Vincenzo then looked up again and then spotted Tristan's hotel room. He smiled as he noticed, Tristan was busy with a tailor who was helping him with his new suit. Tristan looked annoyed at having to go through this suit fitting but his grandfather had insisted he was given new suit tailored for him. It was now almost over.

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