79. Cousins At Their Dinner

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Adele was in the kitchen making a cake. It was time for her children to come back from school. She had left work early to get ready for dinner time. She watched through the window as a car pulled over. She smiled. Her children were home safe. She watched them get off the car alongside Cain who was expected to come to their home for that day. His father wanted him back and Costanzo had decided it was best to send him to Francisco's house while he negotiated with cain's father.

As she was mixing the ingredients, she watched Cristina enter the kitchen " Ms Rosario. Please let me help you..."

Adele smiled warmly at her " No sweetie. You are a guest here for tonight. Why don't you go back to watch tv or if you are bored, just take a sit, my children are here now with your cousin. I can bring you all gelato.

Cristina smiled as she walked to the table " Mrs Rosario, I think we won't have any room for dinner if we have gelato now..."

Adele chuckled " You don't know my children then... they eat a lot. They exercise a lot and this week they are in survival camp and have been doing a lot of physical activity. She then turned around and walked to the freezer. She took out the ice cream tub and brought it to the table.

Cristiana offered " I will help you Mrs Rosario." She proceeded to bring ice cream glasses to the the table from the cupboard. She picked up a scoop and opened the tub.

Adele smiled " Thank you for your help sweetie.... I will be back in a minute. I must go to the storage room to get a drink." She then walked out of the kitchen.

Cristina for busy with taking scoops from the tub and setting them on ice cream glasses. Just then she screamed as she felt herself suddenly being lifted in the air. She heard her cousin behind her " Cristina. You are here." He threw her effortlessly into the air making her laugh.

Cain caught her in his arms and then set her down on the ground.

Cristina turned around and pointed the scoop at him " You scared me... Don't do that again..." she then noticed she had audience who were looking at her and Cain from where they were standing unmoving.

Cain wrapped his arm around Cristina's shoulder and looked at the twins " This is my cousin Cristina." He then turned to Cristina " They are Viggo and Vienna."

Cristina smiled " Nice to meet you. If you have a cool mom like Mrs Rosario then you must be cool too."

The comment made Vienna and Viggo smile. Viggo shook his head as she walked to the table and took an ice cream container " Nice to meet you but .. don't say that... You have no idea..."

Vienna smiled warmly and walked behind Viggo. She embraced Cristina " Nice to meet you." She then pulled away " I hope you stay long... Cain told us you have to go back. I hope you stay for the sleep over this Friday."

Cristina nodded " I will try.."

Vienna sat down on a chair " Sit down and let's have some ice cream before the boys finish our share..."
Cristina sat down next to Vienna as Viggo and Cain sat opposite them. The youngsters got on with eating ice cream. But then seconds later, Cristina felt the shift in the air. She heard a voice from behind her " What's going on here?"

Cain nodded at Cristina " Hey, Vincenzo, meet my cousin Cristina..."

As Vincenzo walked to the table, Cristina turned around and said " Hi ..." She then gulped as he took his form in.

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