25. Unbelievable Lessons

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Letizia was reluctantly putting on her protective overalls. She wore her safety goggles with a sigh and then made her way to the last table in the far corner of the workshop where Vincenzo was standing. As she was walking, he was leaning to the table and looking at her with a smirk. Letizia kept telling herself to not react. She found this situation crazy. She wished he wasn't the star pupil of this class and she didn't have to work with cocky possessive admirer of hers. But of course, the other option was Tristan and she didn't trust him. He first had tried to get his buddies to throw her in an ice bath in the common room pushing for it like bulldozer and then wanted to kill her for slapping him after she had tried to wipe off the blackboard that had some poor kid on a blacklist. He was just too risky to be around for now. Letizia felt the danger of not having as many friends as Tristan had in the school. The boys did out number the girls after all. But she was going to try to make the most out of all she had.

As Letizia reached Vincenzo's table he spoke " You took your sweet time, darling. But I don't complain. I got a good look at the overalls. They make you look so hot."

Letizia spoke sarcastically "Really? Wow. Thank you." She then looked away at the others " We can't waste time. Others are working so hard. What is our project about?"

Vincenzo spoke " Circuits. Like everyone else."

Letizia turned to him and raised an eyebrow " Don't we get individual projects?"

Vincenzo nodded " We do but they are all about circuits this term. Circuits are important for us criminals. If we want to dismantle a bomb, we need the knowledge. If we want to neutralise a security system, we need it. If we need to electrocute someone...."

Letizia put her hand up " Stop.. Stop. I don't want to hear anymore examples. So what are we making exactly?"

Vincenzo spoke " I am glad you asked. It's a fire safety system project. There are various circuit systems we should design. We can make a basic one today easily. Follow me darling.•

As Vincenzo walked towards the equipment cabinet, Letizia caught up to him " What is this interest in calling me darling?"

Vincenzo spoke " You are my girl. I can call you darling. So you prefer other names then?"

Letizia spoke " I prefer no other names...."

Vincenzo spoke " Darling it is then."

Letizia sighed in frustration. Vincenzo grabbed wires and circuit components from the cupboards and handed them to Letizia "Hold this for a minute."

Letizia thought he just wanted to make her carry everything but then saw in surprise he was reaching for more equipment and some looked complicated. She spoke " Do we need all this?"

Vincenzo held the equipment in his arms and spoke " Well, yes. It's a project. It has to be complicated for us to get A+. What we make today may help us just a get a C. We may go up a grade every week for the next 4 weeks that we are doing this until we reach A+. Don't look so worried. I will get you a good grade. I know what I am doing darling in every way." He then walked towards his table.

Letizia followed " I never thought you will be the academic type. You are crazy like Tristan."

Vincenzo turned sharply to her " What about him? Why do you compare me to him? Who is he to you?"

Letizia was looking at Vincenzo with her mouth open " Stop being over dramatic. I just stated a fact. You two are similar."

Vincenzo narrowed his eyes " I don't like you talking about other boys. Neither do I like you to compare me to anyone especially Tristan...."

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