26. Drama in Lesson (Part 1)

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Vienna and Clarisa were shouting at their brothers to stop alongside the others in the gym. No one dared come between them as they were throwing punches and kicks at each other. Even the teacher looked troubled in the corner not knowing how to separate the two boys. They weren't doing anything against the rules. They were in gym class and allowed to fight but this was too much. The group of boys and girls were all staring at the fight as they were shouting for them to stop.

Suddenly there were some boys near the window who spotted Tristan and Vincenzo coming towards the gym. The boys shouted in unison "Tristan and Vincenzo are coming to the gym from the engineering building. Stefano is coming back with them. Watch out people."

The crowd of course became wary and all students gathering around the fight scene parted not wanting to be in the way of Tristan and Vincenzo when they entered.

Then it happened. Tristan and Vincenzo entered the gym without their brothers even realising. They walked straight to the fight scene with their heavy footsteps as Stefano looked on silently as he entered behind them.

Before Trent and Viggo could realise what was going on, they were halted. Tristan grabbed Trent's hands from behind him and dragged him away from Viggo. Vincenzo did the same to Viggo.

Mr Carter the gym teacher quickly turned to the crowd and instructed them to disperse and go back to training. All quickly dispersed. No one wanted to know what happened next. Rosarios and O'Neils did not take kindly to eavesdroppers and intruders when it came to their family affairs. But of course Clarisa and Vienna stood around with the excuse of needing some equipment. They went to the cupboards and listened to their brother exchanges.

Once the crowd dispersed, Tristan spoke in a low and threatening tone "Which one of you started this?"

Mr Carter who had been watching helplessly until now not able to separate the two boys stepped up with a newly found confidence. The boys were even stronger than him. He called them killing machines. He cleared his throat as he spoke " It was both of them. I made the mistake of pairing them up in class for kick boxing. Then they started fighting and did not stop. Viggo kept telling Trent to keep away from Angelia. Trent didn't like his threatening tone apparently."

Vincenzo spat " That girl? Seriously? They were fighting about her? Where is she any ways?"

Mr Carter stated " She is taking her exams that she missed in the hall alone. If this fight continues, I will have to move Trent or Viggo out of this class to another group. Changing timetable is the only option if this dangerous behaviour persists."

Tristan stated " They won't fight again. Once I am done with them after school, they won't be disturbing the girls like this. Their fathers would be informed too. I will let my mother know."

Tristan then let go of his brother and pushed him away roughly " I would like to see you and Viggo after school before training starts. If you are a minute late, you will regret it."

Clarisa turned to her" Lets go Vienna. All is well now."

Vienna shook her head "They will tell our fathers. Nothing will be ok."

Clarisa nodded " Of course. But aren't you used to this treatment by now. The boys always are held responsible but us girls get away with everything."

Clarisa was treated the same way as Vienna was always. Mr O'Neil called Clarisa his beautiful rose petal and of course expected his sons to treat her like a rose petal. Vienna and Clarisa were indeed used to watching the boys getting harsher punishments.

Clarisa laughed " Lets go. They will manage. Lets get back to the gym training."

Vienna watched as Vincenzo and Tristan finally walked away from their younger brothers and walked to the exit. As she was watching them leave, she saw Tristan turning to her and giving her a smile but it was the deep gaze that really got to Vienna and scared the day lights out of her. His intense stare was not leaving her as he was making his way to the exit. The possessiveness in his eyes made Vienna's heart jump.

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