106. Sleepless Night

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Clarissa was tossing and turning in her sleep. She was having a dream of the past. The dream woke her up in the middle of the night and she sat up breathing heavily. It was quite intense to dream of the past .... about wild wolf.

Clarissa laid back down but was finding herself unable to go back to sleep. But she didn't have the option of going back to the party as people were in bed now at the hotel having retired for the night. There was silence out there but still she couldn't sleep.

She took a deep breath and stood up deciding to get some water. She felt like her thrust had gone dry. She slowly wore her night robe over her night dress and walked to the door slowly. As she left her hotel room she tip toed to the communal area that had a kitchen and seating area.

Clarissa rubbed her forehead as she was walking. She was trying to make sense of what was happening in her dream. She was trying to recall as much detail. The dream was about a time she had stayed over at the Rosario mansion with Vienna. It was one of her main occasions of encountering the wolf with his rough side. He made a lasting impression like he always did in other encounters.

Clarissa recalled how during her stay Vincenzo had teased her a lot but what had struck her during her stay was the fact that Vincenzo always meant what he said. Her stay at the Rosario mansion at that time gave her a real lasting demonstration of how Vincenzo always carried out his threats and promises. He did everything he had vowed to her to do. He said his riddles but also on the last night of her stay there was cherry on top as he had sneaked in her room and had planted a wolf statue next to her bed making her scream. It was so real. That was his goodbye. That day she had realised the wild wolf always meant business. He had warned her about many things and none of it was a bluff... But why was she dreaming of that particular encounter now? Over the years Vincenzo had established himself as the man of his word. That was nothing new... Why did this dream bother her? She thought back to the dream ...

Suddenly she recalled some of his chilling words that stood out in her dream making her feel the moment like how it was. Those were the same words he had spoken last night...

Clarissa tried to remember why he said it in the dream but she couldn't. She could recall when he said the same words last night. They were standing in the balcony when Clarisa had asked him what he was going to do if she kept messing with him on the full moon. ... He had responded with words she couldn't comprehend. Same words he had said years ago " I will make you give in.... Don't tempt.... Waiting is hard as it is..."

Clarissa had no idea why those words made her feel cold and concerned but they did. For some reason she didn't want to find out what he truly meant by the word "give in"... When he said it, he didn't say it in a threatening way. He was saying it in a calm and soft tone and as though he was promising to do it. He never broke his word unless he changed his mind and came up with an alternative but that was rare... In the dream last night he heard those words too. He didn't remember why he said it. Maybe it was when they were playing around ... But if he said it years ago and now too, this was no ordinary promise.

Clarissa tried to get his words out of her head. She decided to distract herself and not think about what he had said. What was the point. She shook away her thoughts and entered the communal area. She went to the water cooler and poured herself some water. She then walked away slowly past the TV room towards the exit but his words stopped her " Little red. Isn't past your bed time?"

Clarissa sighed and walked to the door to the tv room. She stood at the door and spoke " I couldn't sleep... I had a complicated dream dream... Why are you here?"

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