19. Trouble Not Over

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It was early morning. Francesco was running with Vincenzo around his compound and they had come to the end of their warm up. They ran to a drinks table and both stared drinking water.

Francesco put his hand on his son's shoulder " I am impressed Vincenzo. You have to slow down for me so I can catch up."

Vincenzo drank some water and spoke "I was taught by the best how to train."

Francesco smiled as he put his drink away. He put his hands on his hips "You have grown up too fast son... All of you have....Soon I will be relying on you to do my job. I will not live forever."

Vincenzo frowned "Don't say that father...."

Francesco spoke "But it is true son. I run a business that is risky. I have many enemies. most of which are inherited from previous generations in my family, some are gained because I have rivals in business and some are my enemies because I made them my enemy. There are threats to my life. You must know that. That is why I have to show you more side to my business as I told you and Viggo. From now on, things will be changing but of course you will have choices I never had."

Vincenzo spoke "Father, I would never walk away when things get tough..."

Francesco smiled "I know son. Lets go to breakfast. I hope your brother recovers soon.... Vincenzo, how is school? How is Vienna holding up?" He then walked side by side his son towards the mansion.

Vincenzo spoke "Viggo and I look out for her...."

Francesco nodded "That is all I need to hear son. I will take care of the rest."

Vincenzo went to his room getting ready for breakfast and Francesco walked to his bedroom to have a shower. Of course Adele was up in the kitchen most likely making breakfast. He still hadn't told Adele about their daughter having an admirer who happened to be a criminal. But he had to at some point.

Adele was making scrambled eggs in the kitchen as she felt his presence in the room. The smell of his aftershave was filling the kitchen. He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and held her arms in place as he planted kisses up and down the side of her head and neck.

Adele chuckled "Stop. The kids may walk in."

Francesco spoke "What if they do? This is nothing. After they leave we will do alot here on this floor. I love the kitchen floor. It is easy to move around. We will make out right here."

Adele looked around worriedly "Stop. They may arrive and hear."

Francesco laughed "Don't worry. They are heavy sleepers. they are probably in their rooms. They will arrive last minute. Turn off the hub. I have something to tell you." He then let go of Adele and sat down on a chair around the dining table.

Adele checked the eggs "Wait a few seconds. They are nearly done." Seconds later she turned off the stove and walked to sit down opposite Francesco. She could tell by the tone of his voice that this was serious.

Francesco spoke "I don't know where to begin..... Tristan loves Vienna."

Adele was looking at Francesco with her mouth open "What? When did that happen?"

Francesco spoke "years ago. but O'Neil told his son to keep it to himself so we don't separate the kids. They wanted the kids to go to same school and live in the same city. O'Neil called me last night."

Adele stood up shaking her head "Tristan is like Vincenzo.... He is a first born.... Vienna is .... innocent..."

Francesco spoke "Calm down sweetheart. Nothing has happened. Vienna has said no to him. I didn't want to tell you last night because I thought you may not sleep at all when you heard this. Sweetheart, you don't have to worry. Our sons will take care of Vienna in school...."

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