40. Boys Are Boys

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Letizia had spent the past hour teaching Vincenzo the easiest and simplest dances she could think of that she knew he could master in one night. Now it seemed like he was ok with a slow tango that could help him next friday night at Tristan's house. Vincenzo had been so hopeless at the beginning. He stood stiffly and treated dancing like a military march. He could stand straight which was good but he was not moving any muscle in his body. Now at least the slow tango could get him somewhere.

As they were dancing, Letizia spoke "You know you could try harder. You don't even try. You look like you are not enjoying yourself at all and you keep your muscles stiff. Its not a question of ability. You are not even trying."

Vincenzo shrugged "I hate dancing.... But who says I am not enjoying myself. I am holding you. That's the best part of it that makes this dance bearable."

Letizia sighed "Why do you hate dancing?"

Vincenzo asked "Why should I like dancing? Its pointless."

Letizia spoke "So if it is pointless, why does it bother you that you cant dance?"

Vincenzo spoke "Because there is a dance themed party next week at the O'Neil house. The first one I am attending. I don't want to look like a cactus standing there while everyone take their turn to dance."

Letizia spoke "Well, its not such a big deal. You are good at everything else. I think you don't want Tristan to look better than you in dancing."

Vincenzo narrowed his eyes "Don't mention his name. Its bad enough that he fancies my baby sister and I have to hear his name brought up by Viggo every chance he gets talking about how much he is wrong for Vienna..."

Letizia questioned "What do you think?"

Vincenzo stated "About what?"

Letizia stated "About Tristan..."

Vincenzo spoke "Tristan?... I have no problem with him for now... But he is pushing it.... As you can tell, he is too dangerous to become an enemy to anyone. So I have to keep peace with him for as long as I can... But I have nearly lost it with him recently. First when he said he loves my sister, I saw blood but I put up with it because I trust him not to hurt my sister. He keeps his word, always and besides, ... he wouldn't dare. But if he messes around with Vienna, I would kill him for sure ...... Then he threatened you.... I didn't like that... When I went up there to confront him, what stopped me from smashing his brains out was how he spoke about you. He has not taken anything personal at all. He just thinks you are new and don't know your place.... so we could settle it. But if you do something that he takes personal, we cant settle it peacefully. I would gladly take him on for you no matter the consequences. I decided to let it go for now. But if you still feel at unease by what happened, all you have to do is ask me and I will go after him. For you, I will do anything Letizia...."

Letizia shook her head "I don't need you to do anything. I don't want to cause trouble. I am fine now.... But of course it would give me satisfaction right now to be on your side.... It feels like I am standing my ground when I am with you...."

Vincenzo didn't know why he bothered asking but he did "So, what do you say you dance with me at his party. You help me learn to dance and be my partner. Does it give you satisfaction?"

Letizia laughed "You are an opportunist. Of course, I will help you. I would love to give you a dance... my hero..." She then leaned close and gave him a kiss on the cheek taking Vincenzo's breath away.

Vincenzo froze in shock and stopped dancing looking at Letizia with surprise "I thought you hated me..."

Letizia shrugged "I feel like .... I am starting to like you..... You set your dogs on me the first time I met you... I don't hate you. I just don't know why you are so nice sometimes and sometimes so crazy. But I like you... You are willing to take on Tristan for me and risk so much.... You mean it. I can tell. Its very nice of you... I don't want him to top you on anything.... especially dance that is a piece of cake for me... But that's all you get for now. I am still not giving you my first kiss..."

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