43. Strong Jealousy

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Vienna was staring at Tristan with disbelief " How can you say that Tristan? I am telling you it was an accident. He just accidentally hit the glass and it spilt... Accidents happen. Why are you over reacting?..."

Tristan leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest staring into Vienna's eyes " I don't dispute that Vienna...." He then thought to himself "But he touched you.... He shouldn't have done that... Accident or no accident, he touched you..."

Vienna shook her head " That was an accident.... He apologised... You should forget it..."

Tristan was fuming. He thought to himself "He did not hold your hand accidentally. Did he do that by mistake? He held your hand and looked at you in a way that made me want to strangle him. He touched you and by the looks of it, it didn't seem like he had your permission for it. Did he? Did you ask him to hold your hand? I don't think so..." But Tristan of course didn't say that to Vienna... He just stated simply " I told you Vienna, I would be the one passing judgment on that..."

Vienna frowned " What do you mean?" She guessed what he meant but she didn't want to believe it...

Tristan stated " He is on trial this lunch time... I will give him a verdict..."

Vienna closed her eyes shut. Edward was doomed. She opened her eyes and pleaded " Don't do it... Let him go..."

Tristan's stare hardened making Vienna gulp " You know, when you defend him, I feel like you have something to tell me... Do you fancy him Vienna?"

Vienna defended " No."

Tristan raised an eyebrow " Are you sure?"

Vienna spoke " Of course..."

Tristan was losing his temper. He really wanted to go on to find Edward and make an example of him in front of the whole school. But he knew he had to wait. He had to think this through. For the first time, he felt the conflict. He decided to tell the truth " Don't look at me like that Vienna...." He thought to himself "It kills me when you do."

Vienna was looking at him with questioning eyes " Like what?"

Tristan thought to himself " Like I am the most terrifying person on earth. Stop looking at me like that." He didn't say anything back to Vienna and stated as the bell rang "Here is the bell. You must go to your lessons" He then gave her a nod and walked away without another word.

Vienna had so much to say. But he didn't give her the chance to say everything.... She reluctantly walked to her next lesson.

Minutes later, Vienna was sitting alone in her class next to the window. She didn't feel like talking to anyone so she had chosen an empty desk and had sat down next to the window. The teacher for that double period lesson was absent that day and cover work was set for them to do in class and as homework to hand in next week as the supervisor was sitting behind his desk marking papers.

Vienna was quietly staring into the distance outside the window of her classroom. She needed to do some class work but she felt too numb to write... She was worried. She was unsure. She was trying to read between the lines of what Tristan had told her. She wanted to know why suddenly Tristan had become so cold to a point that he gave him such a discrete answer that left no room for argument. He had simply stated he will judge if what Edward had done was accidental and hasn't allowed her to argue. He had just walked away as the bell had range. Vienna was not even sure what to say even if he ran aimed behind. She was shocked. Tristan had almost used his business tone on him.

Vienna couldn't understand why Tristan was over reacting. No harm had been done. But to her astonishment he had stated he was going to be the judge regarding this matter. Vienna closed her eyes and swallowed hard. She knew full well what he meant. He was going to put Edward on trial during lunch time in the common room. He was indeed the judge. It was his turn that day to be the basketball team captain too so even Vincenzo couldn't over rule him and change his mind. The way he had said he was the judge still made her tremble even as she recalled his words. He had no emotion in his voice but he was Tristan. It was terrifying how he could be so scary if he wished it. He was born to rule over those around him and put fear in their hearts even by saying the most simple words and showing the most small gestures. He made her feel cold and numb by dismissing her pleas and condemning Edward.

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