82. His Cousin

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Vincenzo was standing in the corner of the marquee with the other boys, Sebastiano, Cain, Alexander, Stefano, Trent, Alton, Stefano and Viggo. They were standing in a circle deep in coversation and drinking far away from the crowd. Just then Tristan joined them drinking water from his glass.

Vincenzo gave him a nod as Tristan joined the circle standing next to his brother and the rest in the circle made space for him greeting.

Vincenzo complained "Your father invites all these people. What was he thinking. Does he want my father to kill him? It was a good thing you called Vienna about this..."

Tristan nodded "You are welcome.. Glad to be of help..."

Sebastiano couldnt help laugh " Its nice to party either way..."

Vincenzo shook his head "This is no party... This was meant to be a family dinner that is no more... This is a business networking occassion now really. Heaven knows who else is coming here. But there maybe entertainment coming... Keep your eyes open for Tristan's Aussie cousin." He then gave Tristan an amused smile.

The air around the boys suddenly change. All boys turned to where Tristan and Trent were standing in the circle. They were silent for seconds. Alexander spoke first "No way.. Your Aussie cousin is on his way here too? Seriously?"

Cain asked " Your Aussie cousin? Who is that?"

Tristan spoke " Well, my father has alot of cousins from his mother's side.. O'Callaghans are cousins mostly of Irish American descent but they moved to live in Australia two decades ago. He is an O'Callaghan who is related to my father's mother... His name is Niall O'Callaghan..."

Alexander turned to Cain "This is the O'Callaghan.... The one who is Andreas Agostini's match in shooting."

Tristan nodded "He hasnt beaten Andreas in shooting tournoments yet but he is closer than any of us..."

The others nodded silently.

Vincenzo looked into the distance "Speaking of which... He is here..."

Tristan stated " Did I mention he will be attending school here from now on... He will be staying with my father's aunt O'Malley "

Vincenzo gave Tristan a hardened look " As long as he keeps his jokes to himself we wont have a problem with him. But I dont think he can help himself... Sarcasm is a trait in the O'Neil family and their extended family.

Tristan retorted "As though Rosarios speak with no sarcasm..."

Vincenzo was about to respond but then Niall walked to them and shouted " Hello Americans... Where are the hot dogs?"

The boys al gave him looks...

Vincenzo stood unmoving looking at him with his hands in his pockets "Back off Aussie... Did you bring any souvenirs for us... Where are the shrimps? .... I thought you said you will bring some..."

Sebastiano commented " Serve him some barbecued kangaroo and he might give you some..."

Niall rolled his eyes and joined the line and stood next to Tristan "I see the gang is all here..." He then put his arm around Tristan's shoulder "Hello cousin..."

Tristan looked at him and nodded " How have you settled in?"

Niall shrugged " All right ... Moving into the mansion is smooth. But it's been boring. I start school tomorrow."

Vincenzo spoke " The military week is happening right now. The survival camp week.. So I bet you will enjoy it..."

Tristan nodded " Maybe you can help with testing the corporals... Vincenzo and I may just watch this time..."

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