108. Morning Heart To Heart

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Adele opened her eyes to the early morning sunshine that entered through the windows. The next day had arrived already which meant she had to say goodbye to Francesco soon.

Adele was being held in his strong arms as her back was hitting his chest. He liked holding onto her possessively throughout the night keeping her warm. They had a long night.  Their lengthy make out session the night before had been intense just like always. Adele and Francesco could never get enough of each other.

No matter how many years went by, Adele still felt like how she did on her wedding night whenever they made out in bed. Her heart still beat as fast as it did the first time Francesco had touched her with love and care in ways that no one else could. To Francesco she was a fragile flower still. He handled her like she was a delicate rose. He looked at her like he was looking at the sunshine after living in the dark for so long just like always.

Adele knew she was lucky and she was grateful. She was happy. Her husband provided for her everything that she needed. He granted almost all her wishes. That was it. There were wishes that couldn't come true even though she felt truly happy. She wanted her husband to be free from this life he was leading but it was impossible.

Adele prayed for her husband in church every Sunday. She prayed for his soul to find peace. She felt that her prayers were answered too at times. Francesco by some miracle hadn't gone after his uncle and his father. He had let them live ... for now. He also had forgiven his cousin Antonio for taking sides with Francesco's uncle piero. Francesco had slaughtered Antonio with ridiculous workload when he had come back but he had let him off the hook. She did fear that one day Francesco was going to spill the blood of his family members if they pushed their luck and she dreaded that very much.

Francesco had noticed her breathing had changed. He noticed she had woken up. He had laid awake in bed for sometime now revelling in happiness at holding his beloved so close to him. He had missed her so much. He whispered " You are awake sweetheart?"

Adele moved slightly and without being asked, Francesco loosened his hold on her so she could turn around. He wanted a morning kiss like he always did. She turned around and looked into his eyes. She was now laying on her side facing Francesco in bed mirroring his posture. She smiled and reached her hand up. She cupped his cheek as she whispered " How long have you been awake Francesco?"

Francesco smiled " Long enough that I have become impatient for a kiss... Sweetheart your husband needs care."

Adele smiled back and moved closer as she planted a kiss on his cheek " I love you."

Francesco replied " I love you too sweetheart." He then locked his arms around her waist making sure she had no where to run to avoid him " Sweetheart. Something is bothering you. I know you have something on your mind. You must tell me. I noticed it last night but didn't push you for it. Tell me everything..."

Adele looked away " All is well..."

Francesco insisted " Sweetheart. Don't try to avoid my question. Tell me what's wrong."

Adele closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She then opened her eyes and looked up into his gorgeous eyes that looked concerned " Francesco, I told you last night that I am fine. I have been watched while you have been gone. Costanzo and Antonio have been taking shifts looking after the compound and sancia has been around too. All is well... There is nothing to worry about... Life is not perfect always but there is nothing that can't wait and there is nothing that you should worry about..."

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