132. The Prom (Part 11)

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Tristan was taking a walk in the gardens with Vienna after dinner. There was a clear sky that night. The couple were walking hand in hand under the moon light.

Vienna was looking around " These gardens are so beautiful. I never noticed how big this hotel is. The place has no bounds or it seems. I haven't been to some parts of it before because it's so massive."

Tristan explained " It's a big piece of land. A lot of people want to buy it off my father but he won't sell. Investors mostly want to build homes here and rent it. It's a good strategic area. Very safe and secure close to prestigious shopping outlets where hollywood people hang out. My father hasn't kept this place for money. He makes much more money elsewhere. He likes to keep the hotel intact because the land reminds him of his youth. He has memories with your father here."

Vienna was on awe of the hotel grounds. The lamp posts were lighting up the place with different colour lights and the place was so beautiful.

Tristan lead them to a bench.

Vienna sat next to him on the bench as Tristan held her hand in his. Tristan looked down at her and slowly leaned close. Vienna wasn't looking at him. She was staring away into a distance. Tristan inhaled the scent of her hair and gently kissed the side of her forehead making her shiver. She glanced up " Tristan ..."

Tristan smiled " You are so beautiful. I like it when you say name and look at me... At last we are there..."

Vienna's heart was beating fast. When his lips touched her skin she felt tingles. She felt excitement but she felt breathless too. She couldn't describe the feeling she had fully.

Now Tristan was looking at Vienna intently making her blush. She looked away " I think we should go back. It's time to retire."

Tristan smiled " No it's not. We have plenty of time. We can watch a movie on the top floor. We have a cinema here... It's nice to end the night with a movie. Most people are going to watch a movie. Italians like to party until late."

Vienna turned to him " We can watch a movie tomorrow."

Tristan replied " No one knows what happens tomorrow Vienna. Half of the people may not be even here. We all may go home tomorrow."

Vienna looked at Tristan with questioning eyes " What do you mean? Is something happening? Is there a problem?"

Tristan stood up as Vienna watched him closely. He started pacing the floor in front of the bench as Vienna was watching his every move worriedly. He looked around as he spoke " She must have told you... Clarisa...She is catching a flight tomorrow morning... She is going to Italy. So I think the party weekend is interrupted because of her departure."

Vienna smiled sadly " I am sorry she has to leave so soon. She told me she is leaving but I didn't think her flight is just in a few hours..."

Tristan stopped pacing the floor and turned to Vienna. He spoke with his hands in his pockets " My father told me she is leaving tomorrow upon her own request. She wants to study in my father's school in Milan where your cousins Andreas, Vitale and Tiziana are studying. She applied today and got approval from my parents..."

Vienna stood up slowly as she was looking up at Tristan " But how can this be arranged so quickly? Such arrangements take time. Your sister needs security guards. So much paper work is needed..."

Tristan shook his head "Your aunt Anna got involved. The Agostini family have friends at the Italian embassy. A phone call is all they need. Besides my sister will be staying at the Agostini house. Your aunt said it would be an insult to her family if Clarisa has to stay in the boarding school dormitories. She is close to Amethyst so your uncle Arturo would love my sister to stay with them and keep Amethyst company.... So I want us to stay up till late because tomorrow wouldnt be the same with my sister gone. It will be a memory for us tonight. What do you say? We stay awake. Stay for an hour at least... We will be sleeping on the floor while watching a movie in the dark with others. It's fun. Your parents are here spending time with my parents on the top floor right now. Vienna... You can't avoid spending time with me..."

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