71. Survival Camp Hours (Part 2)

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Vienna couldn't believe the situation she was in. Here she was asked for a favour by Azurine and time was running out for her to make a decision on how to proceed as Tristan was approaching them and was getting closer with every step.

Azurine didn't stop there " Come on. Clarisa will be done for. Do something..."

Vienna gasped " What do you want me to do?"

Trent was looking at Azurine with disapproval " You have lost your mind... Azurine ... You can't demand anything from Vienna. Don't you know who she is to him?" He then shook his head as he glanced at Clarisa " Get up and leave. Go to ladies room. I don't care. This is off duty time. Maybe Tristan will go easier on you after lunch when he has more pressing matters." He then glanced at his brother approaching and whispered "Hurry."

Azurine sighed " Distract him Vienna. Tristan listens to you..."

Letizia spoke " How? Directing dramas is your area.... not hers...."

Trent was outraged " Azurine, say no more... Tristan is one of the few Giovannis who doesn't mind your family. Don't add Tristan to their side."

Azurine sighed as she was looking up warily as she watched Tristan getting closer " You see this glass of water. Walk past him and pretend he spilt it on you... He will be distracted with helping you and forget Clarisa climbing a tree against his health and safety orders...."

Vienna felt torn looking at Tristan's approaching figure with indecisiveness.

Trent was reprimanding Azurine " You do know Tristan will kill you for suggesting something like that. Right?"

Vanessa stated " But this is lunch time and Vincenzo said we are dismissed for the hour unlike the boys who are still on duty. So even if Tristan found out he can't give Azurine a military punishment that's too harsh for suggesting something this outrageous to his queen..... But he can punish Clarisa a harsher military style for climbing a tree since her crime was commuted in the middle of the war zone..... So the risks don't compare here.... Don't worry about Azurine. Worry about your sister... Oh, crap he is coming close."

His voice made Vienna jump and everyone else at the table " You... In my office now.

His voice made everyone stand up except for Letizia who rolled her eyes. She looked up at Tristan " We are off duty and dismissed. Drop by later. What gives you permission to interrupt our lunch."

The girls standing around the table and Trent looked at her with shock. Was she serious talking to Tristan like that?

Tristan ordered " You too. In my office now with Clarisa. You are off duty but you are in a war zone still at the survival camp. You are dismissed from duty for the hour and not dismissed fe the camp. Maybe you haven't read the rule book properly by the sounds of it."

Tristan then turned sharply to Clarisa and then Letizia " You have three seconds or I will arrest you both."

Letizia was in shock " Seriously?"

Clarisa was reluctant to move. She was hoping to find a way out but when you dealt with Tristan it was best not to speak.

Neither Clarisa and Letizia wanted to go to his office for different reasons. Clarisa knew what it meant going to her brother's office. She was doomed. He was going to give her a telling off of her life and Tristan was harsher when he was angry. He seemed mad. Real mad. Letizia didn't want to go because she thought he was out of order.

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