90. An Heir's Conflict

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It was lunch time and the survival camp students were asked to make their way to the lunch room. Since Tristan was still testifying in the meeting room and hadn't returned, Vincenzo had decided to let the boys eat with girls in the cafe... instead of separating them. Of course there was another motive. He was sure his father was going to question him about what he had done about his promise. He needed to see girls. His father's instruction was specific and he got the message. There was no need to date anyone and he didn't need to break up with Letizia as long as he made an effort in talking to some girl on daily basis... His father wanted him to consider other options. He was never going to willingly do that. He hardly spoke to girls ever, unless of course he was taunting them.

Vincenzo wasn't even feeling hungry... He was in the survival camp cafeteria and was taking his time deciding what to get to eat as he was standing at the counter. His mind was with Letizia. He hadn't stated around the meeting room. His father had made it clear he didn't want him to give the impression to the outsiders that he was on worried for a girl who had raised her hand on a Rosario. He had decided it was best to wait at the camp for Tristan to camp. He knew Tristan wasn't going to dare give Letizia a harsh punishment. He knew Tristan was aware of what he was capable of. Vincenzo was not against Letizia getting sanctions. His father had judged her guilty. That meant there was no running away. He preferred if she got a school sanction rather than a sanction on the outside world. This was nothing compared to what she could get if she pulled this stunt off school premises and without the protective cushion of survival camp. This was an excuse that reduced her crimes.

Just then as he was deep in thought, he felt something hit his back. He was not in the best mood. Whoever did it were going to pay. He turned around and looked at the line of boys and girls who were all staring at him with fear. He then saw what had hit him that was lying on the floor. It was just a cola bottle metal cap " Who threw that?" He asked.

He then looked at people who had cola bottles in his hands. He raised an eyebrow. There was a new student who had done that. One of those Edward Blake look a likes. The kid quickly apologised " Sorry sir..."

Vincenzo was about to unleash his wrath on him but saw who was standing right behind him. Her electric blue eyes were staring into his eyes. Not many people could hold his stare but she did. She loved it when she did. She saw right through him. She just did with her angelic blue eyes. He was not going to make her watch some brutalities of his she hadn't seen before on her first day in school so Vincenzo had a change of heart. He instructed the kid "You... Drop and give me 30 push ups... Then you go back to the end of the line and wait your turn... Then you can drink your flat cola bottle. Don't let me catch you insulting me again..."

The kid paled and quickly dropped and gave him push ups.

Vincenzo then picked up his tray and turned to Cristina " After you get your lunch, follow me to my office on this floor. We need to have a talk..."

Cristina was confused what he wanted. She grabbed her tray and drink and followed Vincenzo. Cristina had been watching Vincenzo and had been paying attention to how unhappy he looked. She did adore him a lot. They had a peculiar relationship. She wanted him to be happy and it bothered her that he was too deep in thought and wasn't smiling his cocky smile like how he usually did. She wanted to walk over and speak to him but was surprised he wanted to talk to him. She knew him from years back and Vincenzo was the silent type when it came to his personal matters. He didn't talk much but when he did he made sure he got all the information out of whoever he was addressing.

Just when Cristina got close to the office, she noticed Vincenzo opening the door for her " After you Cristina."

Cristina almost forgot it was lunch time and it was off duty time. So she could ask him about what was bothering him and didn't have to be formal.

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