102. A Covenant

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A week later

Tristan was standing next to Vincenzo watching his father interrogate a blindfolded FBI agent who had followed them to a Villa in Italy... They were in a villa owned by his father's Irish allies in an Italian harbour. The place was a safe house too which was used for Pietro Rosario's family who was in trouble with Arturo Agistini. Francesco Rosario had gone to Milan to sort out the issue for his uncle Pietro as Pietro's family were being sent there to be kept safe. Meanwhile it was business as usual... The other boys were also watching how Emanuelle O'Neil was interrogating the guy. Once Emanuelle was finished, he turned to leave and the boys followed. Once the boys left the room, Emanuelle ordered them to go to sleep. There was a large tent outside in the front yard that was set up for the boys to sleep in. It looked like a marquee and it was quite enjoyable to sleep in since the boys could see the stars as they slept there and also as it was Italian summer and month of June, they could escape the heat.

Emanuelle asked for Vincenzo and Tristan to stay behind. He explained " Vincenzo, your father asked me to interrogate this next guy... I don't know why? You can't be ready... But I trust your father... The guy is another FBI agent..."

Vincenzo nodded " Alright... Are there any rules..."

Emanuelle stated " Don't kill him... That's all I ask..."

Vincenzo nodded "I will try..."

Emanuelle rolled his eyes and lead the boys down the corridor to another room. The guy was not blindfolded. That meant he was destined to die or he could be turned into a spy.

Vincenzo entered the room first and Tristan and Emanuelle entered after him. The guy was not even tied up. He was laying on his bed at first and then he got up as he saw the door opened and company entered.

" What do you want from me? I told you everything... Let me go ... Please..." He pleaded.

Vincenzo walked to him and threw a punch at him. He kicked him in his stomach making him groan and he ended up lying on the ground battered and bloodied as Vincenzo beat him up. He kept begging for mercy but Vincenzo didn't stop.

Once Vincenzo was satisfied he stopped and then put his boot on the guy's throat and muttered " Elton Hastings. Married. From Atlanta. Harvard graduate but not so smart. Two children from a failed marriage. Sending money to your wife and kids every month. You have an aunt in Georgia and a cousin in New York. You have a speeding ticket and had an affair with your boss in FBI so they gave you a promotion...." He went on and on about the guy as Emanuelle and Tristan were watching the scene shocked at how much Vincenzo knew.

Once Vincenzo finished he said " You have an hour to tell us everything you know about why you are here or everyone of the people dependent on you or related to you that I mentioned die... Your choice." He then reached in to his pockets and took out a paper and pen. He threw at the guy " Write..."

The guy was weeping now and begging for mercy but as paper and pen were thrown at him he quickly started writing fast.

Emanuelle announced " Leave the rest to my men... Let's leave kids... You are dismissed. I will talk to you tomorrow about this ... I will pick it up from here."

Vincenzo didn't like being called a kid but he knew better than to insult an Irish on an Irish camp. Vincenzo slowly walked out, followed by Tristan.

As they left the room and the boys made their way in the direction of front yard, Tristan asked " What was that? How did you know so much about him?"

Vincenzo shrugged " I have memorised the FBI list given to me and Viggo by my father... I made playing cards with the details and made sure I memorised everything. The other guy your father interrogated I hadn't seen in the files but this guy was one of the ones I studied.

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