14. Tough Options

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Letizia felt trapped. What was she to do? All these boys had sorrounded her in a large circle. She had no way out. Even if she kicked one or two of them, the door was locked. But she felt frustrated at the choice. She did not want to be humiliated in front of these boys. She knew if she was thrown in ice water, she was going to scream or even cry. They were surely going to make her lie there long enough. He looked at Vincenzo. Kissing him did not seem like a bad option now. He had his hands on his hips staring at her with a faint smile on his face. He was definately enjoying this.

Viggo was the one to break the silence as the boys were waiting "Guys, this has gone too far. Let's cut her a break. She is new...."

The other boys turned on him and made threats left and right. "Back off man." Alexander said.

" Do you want to ruin the fun?" Trent shouted

Sebastiano spoke "Man, keep the peaceful talk to yourself."

Tristan punched him in the arm and spoke " Back off with the nonsense. You sound like Stefano now. I am glad he isn't here yet. You don't want to be the one we take it out on if we don't get some entertainment. Do you Viggo?"

Vincenzo nodded "That's right Viggo. If you do not like it, don't look. This is our common room. We rule it. She trespassed. She gets what she deserves."

The door was unlocked and Stefano entered with a sandwich in his hand. He froze as he saw Letizia in the middle of the room "Guys, what is going on?"

Tristan spoke "Lock the door. Will you? She trespassed. now she needs to face the consequences.

Stefano walked to the door as he murmured "This is totally unnecessary. She is new....."

Tristan spoke "Be quiet Stefano. If you weren't Vincenzo's cousin, I would have given you a proper traitor treatment by now for your over-neutral approach. You are pushing it. We let you off with a warning after just making the girls be cheer leaders after the match yesterday when we could have so much more fun. Now you want to save Letizia. Don't speak again or we will all give you a proper belting." He then turned to Letizia. "You will learn your lesson not to mess with us."

Letizia then saw a new comer came inside as Stefano was about to lock the door. She recognised him. He was an Irish American, Alton McNamara. His father was an ally of O'Neil family. She had seen him before in weddings in Italy and some events. Who were they holding here? Seriously she knew this was a school training the most vicious criminals internationally. Alton's family were so crazy.

Alton raised an eyebrow "Well, look what we have here. Letizia Marciano. You thought you drop by and pay a visit. Did you? Some of the guys told me some girl trespassed. I did not think it was you on your first day..."

Vincenzo looked at him suspiciously "Do you know Letizia from before? You sound like it? What is your relation with her?"

Alton walked in as Stefano locked the door and spoke "No relations. Her father does business with mine. I met her in Italy when my father's office was transferred there for a few a short while. She went to the same American school I did in Milan for a few months. Then we moved back here." He walked to the circle slowly and put his hand on Vincenzo's shoulder "What is the verdict?"

Tristan spoke "She will be thrown in the ice bath and stay there until we say so or she will kiss one of us."

Alton joined the circle and gave Tristan a high five. "Which one has she chosen yet?"

Tristan spoke "None." He then turned to her " Choose an option. Kiss one of us or we will throw you in the ice bath."

Stefano walked to the circle and stood next to Viggo as he spoke "Guys, break this up. Will you?"

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