64. The House Of Giovanni (Part 1)

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Tristan was watching her eat and enjoying it so much. Could he ask for a better chance to spend time with her? He didnt think so. This was one good excuse to stare at her all he wanted and sit opposite her as long as he wanted. He didnt apologise for wanting to be close to her. He didnt regret being sitting opposite her since she was not complaining. She was slowly trusting him to his satisfaction.

As Vienna was eating, she was looking outside mostly since there was a good view outside the window. She noticed he was looking at her. She felt abit uncomfortable but she didnt mind him just eating in silence and watching her. At least he wasnt asking questions no more. Being questioned by him was not easy for anyone. He was taught by his father and his grandpa O'Neil how to be observant and ask the right questions. She was worried what she was going to do if he pushed on about the identity of the one who dared ask her out. She had to refuse to disclose it. To her surprise he didnt push on about the topic.

Tristan could feel she was on edge. He didnt want to scare her off. If he wanted to, he could have some names of boys out of her who dared ask her out. But what about next time? He had to take some more preventative measures. It seemed that as the prom was approaching, boys were losing their memory of who Vienna was. They needed a reminder. He knew this problem had to be dealt with by him and he wanted to keep Vienna out of it. It was not her fault that she attracted the male population. It was their fault for looking. She was his. He was going to make sure every single male in this whole school knew their place by the time he was done with them.

Vienna got distracted with the scenery through the glass windows from their private room in the Karting Arena cafe for too long and Tristan did not like that. He questioned "Why are you not eating?"

Vienna turned to Tristan startled "Oh. I am sorry... I was just looking at how big, this land is."

Tristan thought to himself "Its all yours when I marry you." He asked curiously "Do you like it? I hope you do."

Vienna smiled weakly "Yes, I do.... I like the idea of the private theme park further down beyond the woods too. Is it true it would be ready by the prom time?"

Tristan nodded "Yes. It would be ready by then. Its mostly the water park part of it that hasn't finished. The rides are ready." Tristan had been dreaming of taking vienna on a ride at that theme park ever since they had planned building it for the use of students at the school in weekends and at parties. The thought of being allowed to officially spend time with her and have fun with no formality excited her. But he had to get through the interrogation by her father first and also had to make Vienna feel more at ease around him. She still feared him. He could tell. It wasnt easy trying not to let her see his business side. It was part of who he was. Too bad Vienna couldnt come to terms with the fact that she was not just anyone. His rules didnt apply to her. She was his. She was his queen. She was everything to him. How could she be shaken up by seeing how he was with others. That side of him was reserved for everyone else but her.

Vienna noticed his heavy stare on her. Even when he says nothing, she felt like he said a lot. He fancied her and she didn't feel comfortable hearing his feelings. She found it too much. How could he like her so much? He was just perfect in every way. He could dare any other girl but he had eyes only for her. His faithfulness scared her. She was loyal and faithful herself but Tristan's love for her made her question her own loyalty. Was she even loyal enough for him. She did talk to boys in lessons and studied with them but Tristan didn't even do that. He spoke to no girls. If instructing, threatening and ordering formally counted as talking then maybe he did talk to some girls.

Tristan brought her out of her thoughts " Vienna... I don't like it when you go silent. What is on your mind? Can you say something? Anything?"

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