86. Taking Him on

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Tristan was looking at her rosy lips as she had uttered words that had sent his body into pure pleasure mode. And she had said his name... She had actually slipped again to his delight. She had called his name which sounded heavenly from her lips. He so badly wanted to kiss her lips. He so badly wanted to lean close and touch his lips to hers. Tasting those rosy lips was all that was on his mind.

Vienna's eyes widened as she realised her error " Sorry Sergeant... for calling you by your name.."

Tristan gently let go of her chin and looked between her eyes and her lips. He whispered " I forgive you Corporal Rosario... Let me give you a warning. If you cross me again today, I won't hesitate to punish you..." Tristan thought to himself " That's right... You will be writing my name and saying it out loud all day... Please make mistakes like this again..."

Vienna nodded " I understand... I am sorry..."

Tristan frowned which made Vienna on guard. She didn't know he frowned because he wanted her to make a mistake and call his name again. He was glad she called his name. He truly was happy about that.

Tristan remained staring st her silently making Vienna wary. He was just staring at her. Vienna stated " I should go back ... Sergeant Rosario gave me a limited time ..." Then as she turned around Tristan retorted " I don't think I dismissed you corporal..."

Vienna turned around quickly " Sorry Sergeant...."

Tristan stated " This is your second time you cross me corporal. The next one would cost you dearly. So don't cross me." He then thought to himself " You mean to say to her, "Don't tempt me?". Just tell her the truth. Tell her she is tempting you and that is only forgivable by a kiss and punishable by making her say your name so many times to partly compensate for a kiss since getting a kiss is not an option unless she kisses you first . As if she would."

Vienna wasn't sure why Tristan wasn't giving her strikes. He hadn't still officially given her strikes. He just said don't cross me. But she wasn't complaining. She whispered " Can I be dismissed? Sergeant Rosario is waiting..."

Tristan shook his head " He is not waiting. I told him you are on my team and you will follow my rules for today. My team of corporals and privates are now making their way to the other end. This is a game of war zone until lunch time. Do you know how it is played?"

Vienna nodded " Yes Sergeant..."

Tristan nodded " Then follow me..." He then turned around and walked away as Vienna followed him towards the back door. They were making their way to the war zone special battle grounds. The walk to the zone was making Vienna appreciate how massive that place was but it was well guarded with guard dogs, security cameras and barbed wires on top of the walls surrounding the grounds that could electrocute anyone who tried to trespass if guards didn't catch them with their guard dogs.

They made their way to the red zone. There were different zones with different colours consisting of teams of privates and corporals and sometimes sergeants. Each had a base, a building to operate from that had equipment and even had a prison for captives. Anyone who managed to attack the other zones and bring their equipment to their own zones and acquired most captives in their prison was going to win in the end.

Vienna knew either Vincenzo's or Tristan's team was going to win since they were sergeants but of course Niall was the black horse that no one knew. His team could win for all she knew. The rules were simple. You followed the leader, you attacked the enemy, you took their supplies and brought it to your building to put in storage rooms. Of course the most chilling part of capturing prisoners. The more they resisted arrest meant they came to the attention of the base leader and even got tortured. So she had been taught not to resist capture if she couldn't handle the fight.

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