50. Warm Glow Inside

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Everyone of the boys were silent looking at Tristan, their leader awaiting his orders.

Tristan had a hard look in his eyes and it was obvious he couldn't wait for her to leave.

Vienna was looking around nervously keeping others waiting as she was melting under Tristan's piercing eyes. She was to either walk away or argue with Tristan. She had to do something but she knew even by coming there she had make things worse for Edward.

Vienna worriedly looked at the exit, at Azurine and then at Edward in the middle of the room as she was deciding what to do next silently.

Azurine whispered " Lets go."

Tristan put his hands on his hips " Vienna, I am waiting...."

It was Vincenzo who spoke next in a bored tone" Vienna, you do know Tristan doesn't ask twice. We don't have all day. Leave or face the consequences. Leave or you will be witnessing this trial to the end."

It was Viggo who moved next. He walked to the exit and opened the door " Vienna, leave now."

Vienna felt annoyed. Why did Edward have to be in trouble? He was the sweetest boy she had met. Why did he have to cross Tristan's gang of all the people? He had upset many people now. She knew if she left he was dead. So she decided to play a dangerous game. One that could not end well. She cleared her throat " All right, I will leave.." She didn't know what else to do. Tristan wasn't in forgiving mood by the looks of it. She then walked to the door standing next to Azurine and Viggo " But I need to take Edward with me..."

That did it. Tristan saw blood. He took a few steps to Vienna as he looked threatening " Vienna. You would like to take who with you? Maybe I misheard you."

It was Viggo who walked in between them and stood in front of Tristan " Can you give her a minute to breathe Tristan?"

Tristan looked at Viggo " Stay out of this."

Vincenzo was chuckling to himself " Vienna, oh my. Just tell the raging bull why you need Edward..."

Vienna spoke quickly " We need Edward to work with us in the cheer leading team. He may be able to help us with ... practicing the lifts..."

That even made things alot worse. Tristan side stepped Viggo " He would do no such a thing. He will not touch you."

Vienna spoke quickly trying not to stutter as she met his furious eyes " He won't... He won't... I don't even do lifts. I am no where near the lifts when I am going my rhythm. But we do need someone to help us with the lifts. He is quite tall and he doesn't do anything after school...."

Vincenzo was laughing " This is priceless. I think let Edward go practice with the cheer leaders. That's a good punishment. I like that. Until the end of the year." He then stood up walking to Tristan pointing to his watch " Lets go. We don't have time for this."

Tristan sighed " Of course you would say that." Vincenzo looked down at everything he didn't like as girly. Tristan saw nothing wrong with a guy helping the cheer leaders. But of course to Vincenzo it sounded ridiculous. Tristan shook his head and stated simply " No Vincenzo. That is nothing. Edward stays."

Vincenzo frowned as he stood next to him " Time has value. Be quick. Will you?"

Vienna took a closer step to him " Listen to Vincenzo. He has a point."

Edward was admiring Vienna for her courage. Vienna was trying to help him but he was certain he was beyond saving. He wanted to run for cover. Anyone else would have. Tristan was unpredictable and was not to be messed with. Anyone else would have left when asked by Tristan. Azurine had even taken steps backwards and was leaning to the exit door with one hand on the door handle ready to run. Edward held his breath. Tristan's next words could be condemning. Edward looked at his bag, maybe if he was quick he could take out pen and paper to write a will as his fate was being decided.

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