1. Faith Must Be Accepted

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Adele was sitting in the back seat of a car alongside her fourteen year old daughter Vienna. The car was guarded by four other cars two at the front any two following behind at the back. All this tight security was for ensuring the safe return of mother and daughter from a town hall charity event organised by the local church in the prestigious part of New York where Adele lived with Francesco for about sixteen years since their marriage.

Vienna spoke " Mum, where do you think I should hang my painting I did from the art workshop today?"

Adele spoke softly "You hang this painting where you wish, as long as its not your father's office. He doesn't like personal objects in his room."

Vienna sighed deeply " If I hang it in my room, Vincenzo may make it disappear. He hates my paintings. If I hang it in the corridors, then dads associates may see it and they would compare it to uncle Costanzo's paintings as they walk by it just to make small talk with dad. I don't like being compared to uncle. His paintings are so good."

Adele sighed " Does Vincenzo still come to your room and bothers you? I would have a word with him. How long is this going on? You hang it in your room or in my special dining room where I hold afternoon parties with your aunt Georgina and wives of your father's associates."

Vienna spoke " I think your dining room is best. Forget talking to Vincenzo. He does what he wants. He leaves me alone anyways. It's just he picks on my paintings and also gives me lectures about boys I talked to on any day at school. He has stopped bothering me ever since you asked dad to have a word with him. Honestly it's nothing mum."

Adele nodded " It's good he is acting kinder to you. Just let me know when he starts bothering you. I will talk to him."

Vienna nodded and looked outside the car windows " Here we are. At last we are home. Not that I look forward to another day of Vincenzo being the man of the house. Seriously, he is fifteen, only a year older than me and he has so much power over everyone. It's pretty scary."

Adele spoke in hardly a whisper " I know sweetheart." Adele felt depressed suddenly at thinking about how much his son was different to her daughter. Vincenzo was raised solely by Francesco's rules, he took Vincenzo on business trips, Francesco also let Vincenzo attend his meetings and much more that Adele even did not know of. From day one Francesco had been clear about this. Adele was allowed to raise her daughter how she wished but she was not allowed to have a say in how Vincenzo was raised and treated by his father. Neither was she allowed to voice any concerns. Vincenzo as a result was acting more mature and way beyond his years. He didn't act like a typical fifteen year old at all. He was alot like Francesco when he was Vincenzo's age..... The only difference was that Vincenzo was given even more freedom to choose what he wanted to do in general, around the mansion and outside.

Even though Vincenzo was just in school, he had an air of authority around him, that Adele hadn't even seen grown ups have. Vincenzo did not have a post yet in his father's business but everyone automatically around him obeyed him. He had earned everyone's respect working for his father by means that was unknown to Adele and also his intimidating personality.

On that particular day, Francesco was away. Francesco was visiting a Las Vegas client and he had decided not to take Vincenzo with him this time since Vincenzo had some mid term exams this week in school.

Francesco had appointed his head of security in charge but of course everyone knew the unofficial head of the mansion. Vincenzo wasn't appointed to take over from Francesco but everyone feared him just like how they feared his father. Everyone knew it was only a mater of time before he was going to be the one in control and in charge of the Rosario organisation . He may have been a teenager and given the chance by his father to enjoy his teenage life as well as learning his father's line of work but he seemed to have been quite a fast learner. He was a born leader and everyone knew it. Vincenzo idolised his father and wanted to be like him ever since he remembered.

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