54. Fury In Her Gorgeous Eyes

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Tristan was finding nothing but fury in her gorgeous eyes. She was staring at him with those green eyes that he could never get tired of staring at. He was drowning in her beautiful eyes. He leaned  a bit closer and whispered " Vienna.... Tell me.., will you ever forget that you are only mine, my beauty? You only belong with me...."

Vienna was looking at Tristan taking a deep breath. She was feeling a mixture of fury, fear and betrayal. She collected her courage to put her feelings into words and spoke in a low tone " I want to slap you so badly for what you said."

Just then Tristan heard the door from behind. He turned around. Viggo was at the door but he was busy reading a book in his hand as he walked in. What did he want? He then turned to Vienna who was looking at him with fury in her eyes. Tristan liked this side of her very much. He whispered " Why do you want to slap me. What did I say?"

Vienna looked carefully past Tristan at Viggo and then looked at Tristan " I have to go.... Viggo is waiting for me..."

Viggo' voice was heard from behind them " Vienna... what is going on?...."

Tristan turned to him " Stay out of this Viggo." Then he noticed Vienna side stepped him walking away towards the door and Viggo. He sighed and followed Vienna " We need to talk."

Vienna stated as she walked away " Its not the time... I need to go with Viggo to study."

Tristan was annoyed. If Viggo hadn't shown up when he did he could talk to her.

Vienna took off her coat and turned to Viggo " Did you bring your notes? We can study in the library instead..." Now that Viggo was there she didn't want to talk to Tristan about this. Maybe later. Viggo already was not trusting towards Tristan and she didn't want to fuel the tension between her brother and Tristan.

Viggo walked to her " Are you okay? Wait... tell me what he has done... has he insulted you? Has he hurt you?"

Vienna spoke quickly " No." She turned to Tristan who had walked up to them with his deadly stare at Viggo that her brother was ignoring.

Tristan spoke in a threatening tone " Viggo. I warn you now. Watch your mouth." He couldn't do anything to him in front of his sister. How dare he suggest that he could hurt her? This guy never seemed to be learning anything. He was holding on his self restraint by a thread.

Viggo turned to Tristan and objected " You have done something to make my sister want to slap you and you ask me to watch my mouth? Seriously?"

Vienna had to stop this. She grabbed her bag and walked to the door as she turned to Viggo and spoke in a pleading tone " Viggo. Please. Let's go.... Tristan and I will talk later...."

Viggo walked away after giving Tristan a hard stare. He stopped at the door and grabbed Vienna's arm as she was about to leave " Wait. What did he do to you? What did he say? I need to know..."

Tristan didn't like watching Viggo unnecessarily gripping her arm. How dare he?

Tristan demanded " Get your hand off her arm or I will break your hand off for you."

Viggo pulled his hand away instantly as he heard the threat. This guy was too madly in love with Vienna. He could tell. No wonder Vincenzo called him the raging bull. " Cool off Tristan. You are scaring her..." He turned to Vienna who looked horrified at the door. She wasn't used to the way Tristan spoke to others. Tristan was very rough. He was extreme too when he was out of Vienna's sight. He had no idea how this rough guy could fall for his baby sister. Too bad.

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