122. The Prom ( Part 1)

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Francesco entered Emanuelle's office slowly taking him time. His old friend didn't sound very happy over the phone when he had asked him to show up at the hotel after waking him up and interrupting his morning with his wife. It was typical O'Neil disturbing his peace with his wife on a Saturday. He had refused to come of course. He wanted to spend time with his wife. Whatever was the matter could wait. Spending time with his wife at the weekend was a priority. So he had only agreed to come to see Emanuelle at lunch time in his office at his prestigious hotel in one of the best locations in New York.

He saw Emanuelle drinking his whiskey as he was sitting behind his desk. Francesco knew it was calm before the storm. That was what O'Neil did. He gave you the impression that all was well but then it all can put. Francesco walked towards the desk " I hope you have a good excuse for forcing me to cut short my lunch with my wife to come here. What's the emergency?"

O'Neil looked up from the papers he was reading on his desk. He looked in his eyes and spoke " I am glad you decided to join me.... Pick a weapon."

Francesco raised an eyebrow " You want to spar? Is that why you disturbed me on a Saturday?"

O'Neil gave him a smile " Its about your son."

Francesco sighed " What has he done now?"

O'Neil reached behind his desk. He then put two swords on the desk. They were real swords and not sports ones. He declared " You didn't pick. So I picked for you..."

Francesco knew Vincenzo must have done something quite drastic. O'Neil was after spilling his blood. He nodded " Challenge accepted...."

O'Neil picked up a sword and offered it to Francesco as he took his. He declared " Your son has your honour. I hand it to him... But he is a pain. He really is..." He then started attacking Francesco from across the desk. He then jumped over the desk to the other side and the two men engaged in their fierce battle.

Francesco was well on the defence from the beginning. O'Neil was a master of swordsmanship from a very young age. Francesco cursed his father for not sending him to sword fighting lessons. But of course the way O'Neil fought with the sword was like how a knight fought, not an ordinary swordsman. He didn't know who taught O'Neil to handle the sword but if he did he was going to kill them. O'Neil with a sword looked like the angel of death to Francesco. If he ever felt close to dying, that was when he fought with the sword for his life against O'Neil. Of course his friend wasn't going to kill him but he still felt closest to death. No one had ever come close to killing him except his best friend. Francesco wasn't even sure if this was O'Neils real ability. Maybe he was holding back.

Francesco spoke as he was defending himself over the sound of the swords clanking " Tell me. What is it you wish to discuss about my son?"

O'Neil stepped up his attack making Francesco retreat " He loves my daughter?"

Francesco froze " What?" He then docked as his sword was almost knocked out of his hand " O'Neil. What have you been drinking?"

O'Neil drove Francesco into the corner of the room with no way to escape as he hit his sword onto Francesco's as the two men fought for dominance keeping up the force on their swords to avoid losing the fight " The question is ... What has he been drinking? He is protecting the Marciano girl and having eyes for my daughter..."

Francesco declared " Impossible. My son is honourable... Has he confessed he loves your daughter? He would not be talking another to the prom if he had eyes for your daughter.... I will speak to him and deal with this..." He then pushed hard and got himself out of that corner as O'Neil had to take a few steps away to avoid losing balance. The swords were again clanking together as the two men were fighting for dominance.

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