9. Girls Vs. Boys (Part 2)

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Letizia Marciano, Vanessa Canavarro, Vienna Rosario , Daniella Pirelli, Dona-Marie Pirelli, Diana Pirelli and Clarisa O'Neil were standing side by side at one side of the basketball court facing their opponents. The star packed boys team.

The boys were also ready to fight standing determined at the other side. Alexander Rosario, Viggo and Vincenzo Rosario, Tristan and Trent O'Neil, Sebastiano Giovanni and Cain Rosario were looking at Stefano rosario with stony faces waiting for him to blow the whistle and let them get on with it. He was taking his time explaining the rules and that earned some objections from the boys.

Tristan spoke "Save it Stefano. I think we all know how to play basketball."

Trent laughed "Sure brother. We all know how its done. But the girls may not. Anybody gets into their team these days. Let Stefano help them out."

Stefano sighed " Listen up people. Don't forget once the time is up, it's over. This is not a real basketball game. We don't have time. Hardly 5 minutes. We have to get back to the event. Remember this game is just for fun..."

Vanessa spoke " Speak for yourself."

Stefano spoke " Of course, it's about winning honour and respect. I forgot."

Seconds later the games started. It was pretty fast for the boys. They earned a lead quickly with Tristan and Vincenzo scoring. The passing shots by Alexander and Trent helped too.

Stefano shouted " Half time."

The girls formed a circle at one side and boys at the other side.

Letizia spoke " I need us to play riskier."

Clarisa nodded "We need to even it out by any means and I mean by any means."

Vienna spoke " I agree. A loss is a loss and we must avoid it especially it looks bad if we lose when we have earned no points. We won't hear the end of it from the boys."

Vanessa spoke " So let's play harder. I suggest we try to get rid of Viggo."

Letizia nodded " Which one? Oh him. Their play maker?"

Vanessa nodded " He is the heart of the team. Block him somehow Letizia."

Dona Marie spoke " Sure. Also. He is nice because he is playing with girls. He is holding back here. Try to block him and he won't do anything."

Diana spoke " Sure. But also get Letizia and Vanessa the ball and hope they score.

Daniella spoke " Vienna, I think you should just defend. Sebastiano doesn't like attacking you and you know it. Try to block him instead of trying to score since Vincenzo gets the ball of you every time to prove a point."

Vienna nodded " What do we do with Alexander. He is quite tricky."

Clarisa spoke " I would fix him. I will distract him."

The girls then put their hands in the middle and Vanessa shouted " Who are we?"

The others shouted back " The elegant, the classy, the intelligent."

Vanessa shouted " What do we do?"

The other shouted " We go get them."

Vanessa spoke " Let's go, get them ladies. We can do it."

The girls lined up in their positions and boys also took their place.

What happened next shocked the girls. They were ready but so were the boys. They had readjusted their strategy and had made changes to how they played. They managed to score again and the game got too intense. There were fouls happening especially after Letizia managed to score from the middle if the field. Vanessa managed to score too. That was it. The game was closing just when the girls managed to get a reasonable score.

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