59. Defeat Can Turn Into Triumph One Day

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Letizia was standing in line in military stance listening waiting for Vincenzo's instructions. He was overseeing the advanced group at the other side of the camp. He was walking alongside the long line of his group as his corporals, Viggo, Stefano, Sebastiano and Alexander were watching on. At first she was wondering why so many of them had to overseeing their training but after going through the advanced training route she understood. It was tough training. It was hard to climb the fences and jump across the marsh lands. The heat also meant there was danger of fainting. The corporals made sure everyone stayed hydrated and handed them water bottles. It was summer time after all and near the end of the last term.

Vincenzo silently walked from one end of the line to the other inspecting each member of his line. His cold expression did not change except when he reached the only two girls in the group, Angelia and Letizia. He gave a look of disgust to Angelia and then as he stopped at Letizia he winked at her. He then started walking back to the other end of the line.

Letizia wasn't used to Vincenzo's business tone at all so when he addressed the line, it made her jump in shock as his voice boomed " Warm up is over. Now it's time for putting your problem solving skills into test before we return to the intermediate and basic level side of this camp to complete a different task. Split yourselves in groups of three. You will be spread out into the woods finding certain unusual objects camouflaged around this place. You have 30 minutes to look for ten items and return here promptly. Make sure in your group you have some one good in geography. You need the bearings so you can find your way back through the maze of the trees. If anyone gets lost and fails to return in time they will get a strike since search parties would be wasted on them. You have ten seconds to form your groups. I will be here waiting of course. If you buzz the emergency I will be coming to find you alongside The lecturer." Ten seconds to form your groups.

Letizia found Viggo immediately standing in front of her and Angelia " Ladies. I will be working with you. My geography is perfect."

Letizia didn't think much of it but it was strange the way Viggo had picked them to help out. He couldn't be there for watching her. He was giving Angelia a soft look she never saw him give anyone else but of course he only showed it to her and she noticed because she was right next to her. Was this Rosario having feelings for his enemy? This was a messed up situation. Maybe she was wrong.

After ten seconds was up, the groups were instructed to spread into the woods. Letizia found a match box " First one." And put it in her pocket. Then she saw Angelia picking up an umbrella from the tree branches. It was abit too high for her to reach. She walked to her to help. Then she froze as she saw Viggo picking up the umbrella for her. Viggo handed the umbrella to her as She turned to him and said " Thank you corporal."

Viggo stated " You are welcome Private Andovini. I hope you get promoted by the end of the year and it would be corporal Andovini soon."

Angelia looked away " I don't think I can get promoted Corporal. Thank you for your vote of confidence. It's not based on just ability. I need experience too. I was absent and didn't attend training with the seniors. It doesn't matter I had a good excuse."

Letizia looked between Angelia and Viggo as it was sinking in what was going on. They were looking at each other with unreadable expressions but she could tell they were closer than they were meant to be. She put her hands on her hips and looked at Viggo " Is this what I think this is? Hold it Viggo? Aren't you meant to hate her? Isn't she your enemy?... If Vincenzo hears about this, you will be in big trouble."

Viggo turned to Angelia " Sergeant Rosario won't know I am being civil to Private Andovini  unless you tell him private Marciano."

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