20. Messing With The Wrong One

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Vienna walked to Trent " We are not together. Why do you say that?"

Edward remained shocked leaning to the teacher's desk looking around nervously.

Trent walked to Edward angrily and before Vienna could stop him, he pulled his fist back and hit Edward in his stomach making him gasp in pain and kneel on the floor breathing heavily.

Vienna shouted " Why did you do that." She knelt on the floor running her hand on his back " Are you alright? Lets go to medical room."

Trent laughed darkly " You know, you playing with my brother will not end well. You are his. Not Edward's."

As Edward leaned to the desk breathing hard clutching where he was hit looking down, Vienna stood up and faced Trent " You had no right hitting him. You just walked in and then attacked him. What is wrong with you?"

Trent spoke " He likes you and you called him sweet. You are cheating on my brother and he will hear about this..."

Vienna sighed " I am not even with your brother. Also talking to another boy is not even cheating. We were just talking....."

Trent spoke " About what? Let me think...."

It was Edward who stood up now behind Vienna " I just asked her to come on my reward trip to NASA. That's all we were talking about."

Treats eyes widened " You did what? You asked her out? Tristan will kill you for this." He then without another word walked away.

Vienna walked after him "Where are you going? Wait..."

Trent walked out of the class as Vienna walked after him through the deserted corridors. He spoke " You can't stop me from telling him."

Vienna spoke "Why are you doing this? I am not with your brother. Edward and I have done nothing wrong....."

Trent stopped walking and faced Vienna "Really? So you have nothing to worry about then when I tell Tristan how you are cheating on him. Do you?"

Vienna winced "Cheating? I don't even know the meaning of the word cheating."

Trent ignored her and looked past her at Edward who was standing in front of the science classroom. He looked like he was wrestling with himself and contemplating about what to do as he was looking nervously looking on.

Trent laughed "Shouldnt you be somewhere else?... in hiding, perhaps? Go hide. But my brother will find you."

Vienna turned to Edward " He is right. You should go. Hide. Go to the exam halls and stay there where there are teachers. Go now. I need you to go."

Edward shook his head vigorously as he was looking worriedly at her.

Vienna turned and sighed. Trent was already walking away in the direction of the cafeteria. She walked fast behind him and chased him to the canteen. He saw him walking to Vincenzo.

Vincenzo was sitting with Alexander and Sebastiano at his usual corner of the canteen as some of his basketball buddies were sitting at the nearby tables while Viggo, Stefano and Cain were sitting at the other corner reading their English books. It was early morning and there was time left until the start of the school and the start of their exams that day.

Vienna caught up to Trent just when he reached Vincenzo's table.

Trent spoke urgently " Where is Tristan?"

Vincenzo was distracted as he was drinking his soda and looking into the distance " In the principal's office I think. Your mother asked to see him."

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